Taiwan Student Visa

In case the applicant is ready to move to Taiwan for studies, then they must apply for the Taiwan Student visa services. Simply put, all international students who wish to pursue their studies in Taiwanese educational universities will require a Taiwan Student Visa. For this, they can use the Superb Enterprises Taiwan Student visa.

We are the leading visa service provider. We are a trusted visa agency and one of the best visa services providers. We are extensively experienced enough to help the applicant to get any visa, including a student visa. Furthermore, we keep the candidate updated with the latest or newest details connected with a visa application.

Types of Student Visa

The Taiwan visa is considered a type of Resident visa (the type of visa issued for long-term stays). Here is the list of the types of Taiwan student visas offered:

  • Taiwan Student Visa is for full-time international students (PhD, BA, MBA, high school, etc.)
  • Taiwan Student Visa for international exchange students.
  • Taiwan Student Visa for foreign looking forward to learning Mandarin Chinese
  • Taiwan Student Visa for overseas

Document Required for Taiwan Student Visa

Undoubtedly, the candidate has to fulfill the basic document requirements to apply for a Taiwan Student Visa. Here is the list of the documents which the candidate require to submit to initiate the visa processing:

  • Taiwan Student Visa Application Form
  • Passport with around more than six months validity.
  • Two-Passport-sized photos captured within six months and affixed to the candidate application form.
  • Proof of Enrollment
  • Healthcare Certificate issued in the last three months (original and photocopy). If the applicant is using the SEPL visa services, they must submit all the above-listed documents to the SEPL team, as the document requirements for a Taiwan student visa are the same.

Taiwan Business Visa

  • Original passport with validity approximately six months ahead of the date of travel
  • Completely filled visa application form
  • Two photos as per the photo specifications
  • Proof of confirmed travel dates - Air tickets
  • Proof of appropriate funds to support your stay in Taiwan - ITR, Bank Statement
  • Proof of accommodation - Invitation letter, Hotel reservation

Taiwan Student Visa

  • Taiwan Student Visa Application Form completed online, printed, and signed
  • Your passport, which is valid for at least six more months and has at least three blank pages
  • Two passport-sized pictures of Proof of enrollment in the Taiwan educational institution where you will be studying.
  • Health Certificate released in the past three months (original and photocopy).

The process to Apply for Taiwan Student Visa

Applicants can straightly use the SEPL Taiwan Student Visa services as we help the candidate with visa stamping and processing. Moreover, we offer fast, reliable, accurate, affordable, and hassle-free services. Despite that, SEPL 24*7 customer support services help the applicant to easily and conveniently complete the entire step.

  • In the primary step, all the candidates who are using SEPL student visa services have to submit the documents to the SEPL team. After collecting the documents, we approve the originality and genuinity of the documents.
  • In the secondary step, we will forward the certificate to the Taiwan embassy.
  • In the third step, the embassy places its visa stamp on the document.
  • After the Taiwan visa stamp is placed on the documents, we courier the final certificate to the candidate using their selected method.

Procedure to Apply for Taiwan Visa

  • Step 1

    Collect Documents

  • Step 2

    Taiwan Embassy

  • Step 3

    Taiwan Visa Stamp

  • Step 4

    Deliver The Documents

Superb Enterprises Visa Services Is The Best

As an MEA-authorized agency, Superb Enterprises is the most genuine and responsible agency for providing affordable and accurate visa services. Plus, we have a professional and experienced team which assists, guides and supports the applicant so that they can conveniently apply for Taiwan Student Visa.

Apart from offering the visa services, we also provide the following services as listed below:

  • Travel and Medical Insurance
  • Document Translation Services
  • Visa Assistance Service for all Countries
  • Attestation and Apostille services for all types of documents
  • Visa stamping and visa processing service
  • Customer Guidance and Support
  • 24*7 Assistance

Mediums to Get In Touch With Superb Enterprises

Undoubtedly, we offer all the necessary and required services to the candidate so that they can easily apply for the student visa procedure. Moreover, if they still have any doubts or issues regarding visa processing, they can use any of the following ways to contact the SEPL team and resolve their doubts.

  • All candidates facing issues related to the Taiwan visa services can visit the official Superb Enterprises website and share their doubts by filling out the form as available on the SEPL portal.
  • Moreover, they can call or whatsapp- +91-8527270999
  • Or else, they also have an option to mail us at meaattestation@seplgroup.com
  • Lastly, they can visit their nearby SEPL branch and have direct discussions with the team present there.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Taiwan student visa charges depend on where you are applying for the visa, from which agency you seek help, etc. Moreover, using Superb Enterprises' affordable Taiwan student visa services would be the best option for getting budget-friendly services.

Yes, but not completely. Neither the Taiwan student visa by itself nor the ARC for studying reasons directly permits the holder to work. In order to be permitted to work there as an international student, the applicant has to get a work permit from the Workforce Development Agency.

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