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We offer a wide range of interesting jobs and opportunities in our diverse field of work. We empower each employee to take the initiative, actively get involved and achieve high impact results that really make a difference. In SEPL, you will be part of a strong team that respects the employees, the society and the environment. You will deal with people from all parts of India and get the chance to experience the unique spirit of our country. We consciously support and foster diversity in order to create an all inclusive culture that enables the employees to contribute their very best.

Through various programs and initiatives, we strive to leverage and blend the many talents of our diverse employees into a winning formula – not only for the company, but also for you. We believe that every employee has the potential to be a leader. As an employee of SEPL, you can take pride every day in what we achieve together. If you are a cool-headed team player, hungry for challenges and truly believe that you can achieve in difficult situations, then SEPL Group is the right place for you to work.

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