Personal Documents Attestation in India

Attestation of personal documents confirms their authenticity by Indian government authorities and foreign diplomatic missions (Embassies) in India.

The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), Govt. of India, is the only apex body that attests to personal documents originating in India.

Superb Enterprise. Pvt. Ltd (SEPL) is the officially approved company of MEA to provide attestation/apostille support services in India.

SEPL group is a dedicated attestation service provider for personal documents that manages administrative functions and assists applicants, Indian authorities, and embassies.

The expert team of SEPL collects personal certificates from applicants, initial scrutinize them, submits them to the MEA/Diplomatic Missions in India for attestations, and delivers the attested documents to applicants in the mode they prefer.

Types of Personal Documents

There are various types of personal documents that are also known as non-educational documents, and they are:

  • Birth Certificate
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Death Certificate
  • Medical Certificate
  • Police Clearance Certificate

SEPL provides attestation services for all types of personal documents in India.

Need for Personal Documents Attestation

The SEPL completes the attestation procedure of your personal documents for the following reasons:-

  • For long term immigration
  • To stay in a foreign country with residential status
  • For employment
  • For educational purposes and to acquire a study visa
  • To obtain a family visa or spouse visa
  • To prove your marital status abroad
  • To add your spouse's name to your passport

Process of Personal Documents Attestation in India

From a marriage certificate to a police clearance certificate, all personal documents issued by the Indian government will be verified and attested by the government authorities and foreign embassies in India. SEPL expert team supports applicants by completing the following attestation process for personal documents in an affordable and secure manner.

  • Step 1 - State Home Department

    The State Home Department confirms the authenticity of all personal documents'.

  • Step 2 - MEA Attestation

    Once the State Home Department verifies your personal documents, thereafter, the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) confirms the documents are authentic with an MEA attestation.

  • Step 3 - Embassy Attestation

    The respective embassy of the applicant’s concerned country located in India demonstrates a personal document is authentic with an embassy attestation stamp.

Documents Required for a Personal Document Attestation

Submit the following documents to one of the centers of SEPL located in all important cities in India to finish the attestation process for a personal document.

  • Original certificate
  • Passport copy
  • Authorization letter (If applicable)

SEPL's dedicated professional team provides the best attestation services to the applicants for personal document attestation, from the State Home Department as well as MEA and embassies that affirm the document's authenticity/validity.

What Help SEPL Provide

Superb Enterprise is committed to providing the customers the following benefits and facilities with excellent and transparent attestation services.

Fast and Trustworthy Services

We guide and support you by processing the attestation procedure for your personal documents and delivering your attested certificate as soon as possible as per the mode selected by you.

Language Translation Service

Many countries like the Gulf and European accept documents for embassy attestation with their translated copy in their native language. We provide the best and most professional translation services for almost all major foreign languages like Arabic, French, Spanish, German, Urdu, Japanese, Russian, Korean, Chinese, Italian, etc.

Record Tracking Service

We provide our customers with reference numbers to track the progress of their personal document attestation under process.

Availability of services All Over India

We have been in attestation management services for many years. We have enhanced our availability with our centers in all important cities in India to collect and deliver documents from our customers for attestation.

Client Convenience

We are experienced and have the expertise to meet the attestation requirements of our customers.

SEPL Contact Details

You may contact us in the following ways and get our best attestation services for personal documents.

  • Talk with an expert at +91-11-41855999.
  • Email your requirement or query related to attestation services at or
  • We accept personal documents via courier for attestations.
  • Visit any of our centers for document attestation services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Attestation is verification to prove that the documents you will use abroad are authentic and original.
There are three types of attestation -
  • State Govt. attestation
  • MEA attestation/apostille
  • embassy attestation
We help our customers with all types of attestation services according to their destination country.
The charges of document attestation depend on various factors like the state department that verifies the document, MEA attestation/apostille, the Embassy fees of the applicant’s destination country, etc. Once you contact us for personal documents attestation, we will give you the quote as per your requirements of services.

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