PCC Attestation for UAE in India

Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) attestation for UAE by the Indian authorities and foreign diplomatic missions assures the document's authenticity.

The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), Govt. of India, is the only authority to certify the documents that originated in India and provide attestation to validate the document.

The MEA has officially approved Superb Enterprise. Pvt. Ltd (SEPL) for attestation/apostille support services in India and for collecting and delivering documents for attestation from applicants.

SEPL is a dedicated attestation service provider that manages the administrative functions for a PCC attestation for UAE and assists applicants, Indian authorities, and foreign Diplomatic Missions (Embassies) in India.

The expert team of SEPL handles the entire administrative management of document attestation, including PCC, from the collection of certificates from applicants, initial scrutiny, submission to MEA/Diplomatic Missions in India for attestations, and delivery of processed documents to applicants in the mode they prefer.

Need for PCC Attestation for UAE

SEPL has the standard understanding and experience essential to the process and gets your PCC attested for the following reasons:-

  • For long term immigration
  • To stay in UAE with Residential status
  • For employment in UAE
  • For educational purposes and to acquire a study visa

Process of PCC Attestation for UAE in India

A PCC issued by the Indian government is verified and attested in India. SEPL completes the attestation procedure for the applicant whether he stays in India or UAE.

  • Step 1 - State Home Department

    The State Home Department confirms the authenticity of PCC.

  • Step 2 - MEA Attestation

    Once the State Home Department confirms the authenticity of the applicant's PCC, thereafter, the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) with an MEA attestation stamp validates the document.

  • Step 3 - UAE Embassy Attestation

    The respective Embassy of UAE located in the applicant's home country performs the final attestation step and confirms the document's authenticity with an attestation stamp.

Documents Required for PCC Attestation

The following are the documents required to finish the attestation process for a PCC attestation for UAE.

  • Original certificate
  • Passport copy
  • Authorization letter (If applicable)

The MEA-approved Superb Enterprise assists the applicants by completing the attestation process from the government of India and the UAE Embassy in India.

SEPL is the solution provider and manages the administrative and non-critical authentication processes. We are a dedicated team working to provide the best services to the applicant document attestation, from the State Home Department as well as MEA and foreign diplomatic missions that affirm the document authenticity/validity.

What Assistance SEPL Provide

Superb Enterprise has the required experience to deliver excellent and transparent attestation services. Following are the advantages and facilities we remain determined to provide to our customers and their satisfaction.

Fast and Trustworthy Services

We have a dedicated professional team to guide and support you by processing your document attestation process and delivering your attested document to you as soon as possible.

Language Translation Service

UAE is a gulf country that accepts documents for attestation with their translated copy in their local language. We give the best translation services to translate your document content into Arabic for UAE attestation.

Record Tracking Service

We keep our services transparent for our customers. The applicants who process their attestation applicants through SEPL can track the progress of their document attestation process.

Availability of services All Over India

We have been in attestation administration management for a long time, and in these precious serving years, we have constructed our service better and more extensive. We have centers to collect and deliver documents from and to customers for attestation services in all important cities in India.

Client Convenience

We are experienced and qualified to complete the attestation requirements of the applicants in India for UAE.

SEPL Contact Details

Applicants may contact Superb Enterprises Pvt. Ltd on the following media to get genuine attestation services for UAE.

  • Phone number +91-11-41855999 to communicate with experts who are there to help you.
  • Email addresses info@superbattestation.com or meaattestation@seplgroup.com to mail your attestation requirements.
  • We accept documents via courier for attestations.
  • Visitors are welcome in our offices in different cities for document attestation services.

Frequently Asked Questions

A Police Clearance Certificate is issued to Indian citizens and it indicates that the individual has no criminal record and it permits him to obtain a visa for UAE.

The following authorities verify that you have no record of involvement in any antisocial or illegal activities and are genuine to get a PCC.

  • The local police station
  • Regional passport office (RPO)
  • Diplomatic Missions of the residing country
PCC attestation cost depends on various factors the state department verifies the document authentication, the other is the Embassy fees of the applicant’s destination country, service charges of SEPL, etc.
The attestation process depends upon the applicant's native state government authorities that provide an attestation for PCC attestation by MEA and the foreign diplomatic mission (embassy) of UAE.

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