Bahrain Work Visa for Indians – Complete Guide

Bahrain Work Visa

Bahrain is a small Arab state in the Persian Gulf. It is popular as the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Do you know Bahrain has the highest employment rates in the world?

And approximately 350,000 Indian nationals are working in Bahrain. 

Except for the citizens of Gulf states and British citizens by birth, all residents of other countries like India need a Bahrain work visa.

A work visa is a licence provided by the immigration department of Bahrain to the applicant to stay in the country and work. 

We are in the business of document apostille, attestation and visa processing/stamping services. The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) Government of India has officially approved us to help applicants complete their document attestation procedure.  

In this blog, you will read everything about Bahrain work visa for Indians. 

Who Apply for a Bahrain Work Visa?

Bahrain is one of the countries that provide easy work visas for Indians. The responsibility to apply for your work visa for Bahrain is on the shoulders of your employer in Bahrain. The employer will submit your application for a work visa to the Bahrain Labour Market Regulatory Authority (LMRA).

Some people travel to Bahrain on a travel visa, and after their arrival, they apply for a Bahrain work visa/Bahrain employment visa.

Remember, you are only qualified for your work visa when you have a concrete employment offer and contract. Only Gulf state citizens have the licence to move to Bahrain without any work visa or travel visa. 

The Bahrain LMRA accepts the applications of Indians for work visas from their employers who have hired them to work in Bahrain. 

Applying for a Bahrain work visa while travelling in the country on a travel visa is not permitted by the Bahrain Labour Market Regulatory Authority, which issues Bahrain Work Permits/Work Visas for Indians.

Fees to Apply for the Bahrain Work Visa for Indians

The employer who has hired you will pay for your work visa fees in Bahraini Dinars. Work visa fees look as follows:

SubjectFees (INR)
2-Year New Permit Application41935.77
2-Year Renewal or Transfer Permit41935.77
Optional fee for a 2-Year Out of Bahrainisation Percentage104986.63
Basic Health Care30208.34
1-Year New & Permit Renewal Application20978.02
Optional fee for a 1-Year Permit out of the Bahrainisation Percentage52445.04
1-Year Health Care15226.13
Visit to Work Permit12586.81
Change of Occupation2097.8 (Per Application)
Application for New or Renewal of Temporary Work Permit41935.77
Basic Health Care for Temporary Work Permits7552.09
Application for New or Renewal of Accompanying Family Dependents18880.22 (Per Application)
Monthly Fees for 1st 5 Expats1048.90 (Per Worker)
Monthly Fees from the 6th Expat2099.73 (Per Worker)

There might be additional fees charged by the Bahrain LMRA as per the different types of Work Permits available for Indians.

Processing Time of the Bahrain Work Visa for Indians 

The Bahrain Labour Market Regulatory Authority (LMRA) is the department that handles the administrative tasks  related to Bahrain visa procedure. The department takes five to six working days to respond to all applications for the work visa.

However, there is a chance of delays if your legal documents, like a degree, experience letter, etc., are not apostilled. The Bahrain Labour Market Regulatory Authority (LMRA) can take more than two weeks to process your work visa application if they find any error in the application and the documents submitted by the applicant.

Bahrain Work Visa Duration for Indians 

Various factors influence the duration of your stay in Bahrain based on the validity of your work visa. Here are some of the most common factors; 

  • Your profession 
  •  Skill level
  • Duration of your contract 

Here is the duration of work visa 

  • Six Months
  • One Year 
  • Six Month Extension 
  • One Year Extension 
  • Two Year Extension 

The extension period for your work visa also depends on the same factors that are mentioned above for a work visa duration. 

Financial Documents for the Bahrain Work Visa for Indians

  • Proof of Visa fee payment
  • Additional fees related to the expatriate employee’s residence in Bahrain

Documents Required to Apply for the Bahrain Work Visa For Indians 

The employer needs the following documents to submit an application for a work visa on your behalf. 

  • Passport copy
  • Passport size photos 
  • Proof of visa payment (Provided by the employer)
  • Employment letter (Provided by the employer)
  • Work contract (Provided by the employer)
  • Health insurance 
  • Educational documents with apostille (Optional)
  • Experience letter with apostille (Optional)

Remember, your educational and personal documents are compulsory to apostille for use in a foreign country. Bahrain is a member of the Hague Apostille Convention. 

Being a member of the Hague Apostille Convention, Bahrain accepts documents of an Indian only when the Ministry of External Affairs of India places an apostille stamp on them. 

We are the authorised company of the MEA that manages the administrative work related to apostille or attestation in India. You can visit our office or even courier your documents to our office for their apostille from MEA. 

What is the Right Time to Apply for the Bahrain Work Visa for Indians?

The employer might submit your application for a work visa seven days prior to your trip to give the LRMA enough time to process your application.

How Does an Employer Apply for Your Work Visa?

You are only responsible for sharing all necessary documents with your employer that he will need to apply for your work visa for Bahrain. 

Here are the four steps the employer will take to get your work visa from Bahrain Labour Market Regulatory Authority. 

Step 1 – Check your documents’ authority 

Step 2 – Submit the work visa application form 

Step 3 – Complete the application fees payment process

Step 4 – Share work visa receipt with you 

Once you get your work visa receipt from your employer, pack your bags, book your flight ticket and start a new journey in Bahrain. 

What to do Upon Arrival in Bahrain? 

Once your flight lands in Bahrain, look for the LRMA counter at the airport and complete your biometric information, which is vital to get your ID card and Bahrain residence permit. 

Within one month of your arrival in Bahrain, visit the LRMA offices for your ID card and Bahrain residence permit processing. 


Bahrain is a country where you can find numerous work opportunities. 

It is also an easy country to get a work visa. If you need apostille service for a Bahrain work visa, then consult us.