Dubai Visa Rejection- 10 Popular Reasons

Dubai Visa Rejection Reasons

Every year millions of people, especially youngsters, apply for a Dubai visa. The country has some of the best educational and job options to attract people from different areas of the world.

It is also famous for its architecture, culture, political, and social environment, and beneficial healthcare and recreation.  

UAE visa application includes a pretty simple process. But, they also give importance to security and laws. So, before applying for a Dubai Visa, read the emirate’s rules and regulations along with the Dubai visa rules.

It is the only way you can prevent the risk of Dubai Visa Rejection. Your one small mistake can shatter your dream of going to Dubai. 

So, before applying for a visa for Dubai, which is strict for their national security, pay attention to the following ten popular reasons to prevent your Dubai visa application rejection. 

Common Reasons for Dubai Visa Rejection 

1. Incorrect and Incomplete Application 

Fill every column of your visa application with correct and error-free information. Even a spelling error or data mismatch will result in your application rejection. 

2. Women Under Age-25 Cannot Travel to Dubai Solo

You cannot ignore the emphasis of Dubai for its security and laws. A woman under the age of 25 may face delays in getting approval to travel to Dubai. It is one of the strict precautions taken by the authorities in Dubai to prevent the risk of human trafficking in their country.

If you are under 25 and planning to procure a Dubai visa, you may face a delay in approval or visa rejection to travel without parents or legal guardians.

3. Handwritten Passports Are Outdated

Not only in Dubai, but handwritten passports are no longer considered legal and authorized in any country in the world. 

4. Typographical Errors 

Any typographical errors in your name, spelling, code, number, date of birth, etc., may also lead to Dubai visa rejection. It is one of the silliest and minor mistakes that people might not consider crucial to be taken care of to procure a Dubai visa.  

5. Previous Extended Dubai Trip

It is risky, but people do it often. They continue to stay in the country even after their visa expires. What happens when a tourist travels to a nation and stays with an expired visa?

  • His name is blacklisted.  
  • He can go to prison for three months or more.  
  • He may have to pay excessive fees and fines 
  • He may be deported to his native land. 

It is the person’s responsibility to cancel his visa automatically before leaving his destination country. If he does not do that intentionally or unintentionally, he will face its consequences the second time he applies for the visa. 

6. Uncancelled Residential Visa

If you did not cancel the previous visit visa when you left the country may lead to your visa rejection. The UAE immigration service will scrutinize the authentication of your last residence visa to release it to permit your second visit to your destination country. 

7. Previous Applied Visa Application & Have Not Entered the Country 

Due to any reason, if you’re not able to travel to Dubai after your visa application approval. Then it’s mandatory for you to get approval by a PRO or agency to get a second chance to travel to Dubai. 

8. Passport Occupation by Unskilled Person

Dubai does not approve passports with unskilled occupation. Unskilled professions refer to the ones that do not require skills or formal education. Cashiers, grocery clerks, farmers, and cleaners are some examples of unskilled ones. 

9. Criminal Record in the UAE or Any Other Nation 

If you have any record of criminal offenses, misconduct, or fraud, it may lead to Dubai visa rejection. 

10. Not Clear or Blurred Photo

A Clear photo on your passport is vital for the immigration department to identify you. In the online UAE immigration, apply with not blurred or 100% clear photos of the passport copies to avoid delay or rejection. 

These are the ten popular reasons for Dubai Visa Rejection. Avoiding the above reasons will ensure your visa approval.

Here are some tips to avoid uncertainty in your travel to Dubai and clear things without errors. 

  • Read the visa requirements guideline on the embassy website.
  • Fill in all the formalities and columns asked and mentioned in the form. 
  • Read the instructions mentioned on the application to provide the correct information.
  • Attach valid documents.
  • Keep sufficient funds in your bank account.
  • Provide a strong reason for your visit to the country, stay, and return.
  • Take care of typing errors or spelling mistakes.
  • Apply with patience and enough time to complete the application process. 

How To Check Your Dubai Visa Rejection Status?

Visit the website of the embassy of the country and fill in the following details to check your visa status. 

  • Passport number
  • Application ID
  • Tracking number 
  • Interview location

How To Check The Reasons Behind Your Dubai Visa Rejection? 

The consulate or embassy of the country provides you with a letter stating the reason for visa rejection. This action helps the applicant to apply again with an error-free application.