What is HRD Attestation & Why Do You Need It?

HRD attestation feature

HRD is the short form of Human Resource Development. HRD attestation is a process to verify that educational documents are legal to use in a foreign country for study or job. HRD attestation is one of the vital steps included in the process of attestation. 

What is HRD Attestation?

The state HRD verifies educational documents to prove their authenticity to get a certificate of attestation from the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) and the embassy of the applicant’s destination country. HRD attestation signifies that a particular educational document is certified genuine by the university that issued it and the state the applicant has applied for attestation. 

List of Educational Certificates for HRD Attestation 

  • Mark Sheets 
  • BE Certificate 
  • MS Certificate
  • SSC Certificate
  • MD Certificate 
  • HSC Certificate
  • Inter Certificate 
  • MBBS Certificate 
  • Degree Certificate
  • Nursing Certificate 
  • Diploma Certificate 
  • Dentists Certificate 
  • Pharmacy Certificate 
  • PG Degree Certificate 
  • Engineering Certificate
  • Transcript Certificate

Documents Required for HRD Attestation 

  • Original Degree Certificate 
  • Marksheets Copy 
  • Offer Letter Copy
  • Passport Copy 
  • Two Passport Size Photos 

When Do You Need HRD Certificate Attestation?

Attestation of documents is essential when you apply to migrate to a foreign country. The state HRD attestation for educational documents is necessary for those planning to shift from their native country to abroad for education or employment. 

For a hassle-free student visa, work visa, or employment visa process, HRD attestation of an educational certificate is necessary. HRD attested documents are considered authentic by the embassy of your destination country. 

How to Get HRD Attestation?

Getting HRD attestation for educational documents is no doubt a lengthy and complicated process. Going through it can be hectic for someone willing to study or work abroad. While to keep the attestation of documents easy and fast for people, the MEA renders attestation services through its authorized agency. 

Superb Enterprises is a legalized agency of the MEA to provide authentic services and maintain transparency with its customers. 

For HRD attestation, you can contact us via our phone number, Email, website chatbox, and social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, or LinkedIn. 

HRD Attestation Procedure 

Attestation is an exhaustive process, but it is vital and beneficial for the document’s legal use in a foreign country. HRD attestation of educational documents adds credibility and increases the chances of getting the embassy attestation with no hassle. 

1. University Verification 

The primary verification of an educational document is done by the university that issued it. 

2. HRD Attestation 

The state HRD from which the applicant has applied attestation will certify his educational documents as per the requirement of the embassy.

How Long Does It Take To Get Document HRD Attestation? 

Generally, the state HRD attestation takes fifteen to twenty-five days. But, the following are some factors that may extend the days to get an HRD attestation done up to a couple of weeks or a month.

  • The agency you have applied for HRD attestation.
  • The state from which you have sent your request for HRD attestation. 
  • The type of education document you want attestation. 
  • The university/college/institute issued the document and will verify it for attestation. 

What is the Cost of HRD Attestation? 

Although attestation has a fixed fee structure, some factors that influence this structure like.

  • State that provides HRD attestation
  • Destination country of the applicant 
  • Type of attestation 
  • Purpose of attestation
  • Type of document for attestation
  • Agency the applicant hired for attestation 
  • Add on services like document pick up and drop, availed by the applicant from the agency

To get the better idea of the cost as per your documents you can contact us.

Why Do You Need Superb Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. for HRD Attestation?

Superb Enterprises have many years of experience to provide hassle-free and fast attestation services. We have made our name through our work and acquired many Indian and UAE certifications. 

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Language Translation Service

Some countries authorities do the attestation of documents only by translating your legal document into their own language. We can translate your educational certificate into the language spoken in your destination country. 

Document Tracking Service

We give you this facility to track the attestation process of your documents and see how fast your work is being done.

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