Degree Certificate Attestation for UAE & the Procedure of It

Degree Certificate Attestation for UAE

Attestation is a method to prove that your degree certificate is authentic. The attestation service is mandatory to pursue education and a job in the UAE.

UAE is the country that gives importance to your document and considers it legal to accept when it includes the attestation stamp on the backside.

Why is Degree Certificate Attestation Required?

Degree certificate attestation of  for UAE is mandatory for many reasons, and the popular ones are;

  1. If you are willing to apply for admission to the top university in UAE, you need to verify your document is legal with attestation.
  1. For employment at any company in UAE, they will accept your degree certificate if it is verified and passed the attestation process.

The attestation of a degree certificate has plenty of benefits. Your degree certificate attestation claims that your document is genuine and you are trustworthy.

The Procedure Of Degree Certificate Attestation For UAE

The process involves five steps, and they are:

1. The first verification of your degree certificate for attestation is performed by the university that issued the document.

2. After the university, the state HRD (Human Resource Department) verifies the degree to prove it is valid or not for attestation.

3. Then the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) verifies your degree certificate & attests it with the MEA stamp.

4. After that the UAE embassy in India checks your degree certificate before giving it the authority to be legal to be used in their country.

5. In the last stage your documents need to be attested by MOFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) in UAE.

How Can I Get A Degree Certificate Attestation For UAE?

The attestation process is lengthy and time taking, and it can mislead and create complications when you try to get it without help from professionals. 

There are five departments involved in the degree certificate attestation process for UAE, which I’ve listed above.

The MEA has authorized Superb Enterprises to run the attestation process on the applicant’s behalf.

You can contact us in the following ways.

  • Call us in our working hours to get the attestation services for the UAE.
  • You can use the email address mentioned on the website and reach out to us with your queries and needs related to the degree certificate attestation.
  • Yes, we will answer all your questions that you share with us through the chatbot on the same website.
  • You can find us on different social media platforms like Instagram and Linkedln, Facebook.

How Much Does It Cost for Degree Certificate Attestation for UAE?

Attestation is a legal process that involves different government authorities and the embassy of a foreign country that influences the fee structure.

Yes, the type of attestation, document, and the agency you hire for attestation service also influence the cost of attestation for UAE.

How Many Days Will Take for Certificate Attestation for UAE?

Degree certificate attestation for UAE takes around eight to ten working days. 

But, various factors, such as the state involved in the attestation process, the type of document, and the country you have applied for, can influence the period and stretch it to a couple of weeks or a month.

What are the Documents Required for Attestation of the Degree Certificate?

The following documents you need to gather for a degree certificate attestation for UAE.

  • Original Certificate
  • Passport copy
  • Visa Copy
  • 2 Photographs
  • Authorization letter
  • Degree Copy
  • Original mark sheet(All Years)

What Happens if an Authorized Company Manages the Attestation Process for Applicants? 

Superb Enterprises, is the MEA authorized agency to provide certificate attestation for UAE. We have many years of experience in working with the MEA to fulfill the requirements of an applicant for attestation.

The following are the benefits you gain when you approach an authorized agency for degree certificate attestation services for UAE. 

  • Get Fast & Reliable Service
  • Language Translation Service
  • Document Tracking Service
  • Service Availability Across All India
  • Swift Customer Service
  • Customer Convenience

Contact Superb Enterprises for smooth and secure degree certificate attestation services for the UAE.