How can You Get a Birth Certificate Attestation for UAE

Birth Certificate Attestation for UAE

The United Arab Emirates, UAE, has been hitting the headlines for expats for living a healthy and wealthy lifestyle. Every year lakhs of people apply for birth certificate attestation for UAE visa.

What do you think about why there are so many foreigners in the UAE? What images does your mind conjure up?

Shiny skyscrapers, picturesque beaches, or low rates of gold in the UAE are the popular reasons, the UAE is increasingly becoming a hotspot for travelers. 

However, in the UAE, expats get some great opportunities for top class education, a pleasing lifestyle, and exciting career opportunities. 

There are necessary prerequisites to move to the UAE. Attestation is a legal procedure each individual has to follow before going to the UAE. This process helps you to get an educational or employment opportunity in the nation. 

Among all this legal documentation process, the birth certificate is one of the vital documents necessary for education and jobs in the UAE. This article covers imperative information related to a birth certificate attestation for UAE. 

How Can You Get a Birth Certificate Attestation for UAE?

Attestation means getting verification of your birth certificate from your state & the embassy of UAE. If you want to get a birth certificate attestation for a UAE in India, then there are various steps for you to cross to get an attestation. 

There are different types of documents – educational, personal, and commercial. 

A birth certificate comes under the category of personal documents. First, the certificate is verified by the legal person at the regional level. After that, the state home department checks your birth certificate and proves it is legal for attestation with a sign or stamp. 

Then the MEA, the Indian Ministry of External Affairs, plays a crucial role in the attestation process. The MEA verifies your birth certificate to provide it with an MEA attestation stamp that proclaims the document is authentic and legal for international use. 

Once you get the MEA attestation, your birth certificate is sent to the UAE embassy for the final verification and attestation. 

The attestation procedure of a birth certificate for the UAE in India has various micro-steps, which are lengthy and quite complicated. 

Not getting an attestation stamp on documents is one of the reasons for the rejection of a UAE visa. Before submitting your birth certificate to the Indian MEA and the UAE embassy for attestation, there are some crucial things you need to consider. 

Like the content of your birth certificate should be crystal clear to readable. Your birth certificate should be certified by the state home department. 

So keeping these things in view, the MEA provide attestation services through their authorized agency like Superb Enterprise. This action is to cease obstacles that you and sometimes the MEA face in submitting documents and offering attestation. 

Superb Enterprise provides a fast and reliable service to their customers for a birth certificate attestation for UAE. 

We verify your birth certificate carefully before submitting it to the state home department, MEA, and UAE embassy for attestation.

Also, we remove the obstacles and do minor corrections if needed to prevent any delay in the further attestation process.

What Documents are Needed for Birth Certificate Attestation for UAE?

The following are the documents we needed to process the procedure for attestation of a certificate for UAE on your behalf.

  • Your original birth certificate.
  • A copy of the passport of both parents.
  • A valid passport and/or Emirates ID.
  • Two passport photographs.

Is Birth Certificate Attestation Mandatory for the UAE Visa?

Yes, attestation of documents you will use in the UAE is mandatory. Verification of your birth certificate notifies the government of your destination country that you are a genuine person. 

It is also a legal procedure to collect information about you and trust that your presence will be advantageous for the country. 

A birth certificate is proof of your birth year and date. So, it is vital when you move to the UAE for education or employment. 

How Many Days Will It Take for Birth Certificate Attestation for UAE?

Attestation of a UAE-based birth certificate in the UAE takes only one day to be verified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 

However, attestation of a foreign-issued birth certificate needs to be verified by the consular representation of the home country and then by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This procedure for attestation of a certificate for UAE in India will charge around ten to fifteen working days. 

Also, the number of days completing the process of a birth certificate attestation for UAE depends on the agency you have hired for the work. When you invest your time and money in an authorized Superb Enterprise agency for attestation, you get your attested document without delay. 

An authorized agency knows the in and out of the attestation process, and it works fast without causing any hassle for you. 

How Much Does Birth Certificate Attestation Cost? 

Well the price depends on the country’s charges. However, some factors also influence the cost of certificate attestation for UAE in India, such as;

  • The state department is involved in the process,
  • Agency you have hired for attestation services, and
  • The facilities you avail from the agency for attestation. 

If you are looking for someone to rely on to get attestation for a birth certificate to move to the UAE, you can contact us. Superb Enterprise is an MEA authorized agency that provides attestation services in India.