What is Embassy Attestation & How to Get Embassy Attestation Services in Delhi?

What is Embassy Attestation

Attestation of documents is a prerequisite to procuring a study visa, work permit, doing business, or purchasing a property in a country abroad.

It is a confirmation of the authenticity of your certificates, such as degree, diploma, marriage certificate, etc, with an attestation stamp from your destination country’s embassy. The certificates have three categories, educational, non-educational, and commercial.

What is Embassy Attestation & When Do You Need It?

The embassy is a word used to describe foreign diplomatic missions representing their country in a foreign nation. The embassy of your destination country is responsible for confirming the authenticity of the document you are going to use on an international platform.

Embassy Attestation of documents is necessary to demonstrate that the documents such as birth certificate, degree, or diploma are original and genuine to use in your destination country. 

In a nutshell, prior to flying to any country for employment or education, you need to attest your documents from the embassy of the destination country. 

Where Can You Get Embassy Attestation Services in Delhi?

There are three departments involved in the process of Embassy Attestation in Delhi for document attestation – State, Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), and Embassy of the applicant’s concerned country. 

Attestation agency help is vital in India to get the Embassy Attestation with no delay and fault. The MEA is one of the departments involved in the this attestation process. MEA from March 1, 2012, provides embassy attestation services through its authorized outsourced agencies. 

The applicant can visit an authorized agency itself to submit his documents for the Attestation. On the other hand, the applicant can ask for the agency to pick up and drop off the documents at his destination. 

Step by Step Process for Embassy Attestation

Attestation of a document is vital to confirm the authenticity of your legal papers, like a birth, or education certificate in a foreign country. The document attestation process includes the government officials of the nation from where the documents have been issued and the concerned Embassy of the country applicant is going for higher education, work, or business.

MEA is one of the officials that provide attestation and confirm that a particular document in the step-by-step process for Embassy Attestation, agency guidance is vital for keeping the attestation process hassle free and fast.

  • There are three types of documents – educational, personal, and commercial. There is a fixed state department for state-level authentication of each category of documents for embassy attestation. 
  • After the state-level verification of a document, the MEA, who handles the foreign affairs, checks the certificate and demonstrates its authenticity by placing an MEA attestation stamp.
  • The last department is the Embassy of the country applicant required attestation for a particular document. The Embassy demonstrates that a particular certificate or document is original and has the authenticity to get an attestation stamp.

Why Do You Need Superb Enterprises for Attestation in India? 

Superb Enterprises Private Limited, which, in short, is SEPL, is officially approved by the MEA to handle the administrative work related to the Embassy attestation. The officials like MEA who certify the documents and provide attestation accept applications through the authorized SEPL. 

SEPL Group is known for its accurate and hassle-free services in Delhi. For our fast and faultless Embassy Attestation services, we got many certificates from the Ministry Departments of India and UAE.

We support our customers as much as we can, and for that, we provide services across all of India as well as in the UAE. The following are the advantages of taking Embassy attestation services in Delhi from SEPL.

  1. Language Translation Services – Few countries like Dubai accept attested documents with their translated copy. Arabic is UAE’s native language, so to submit or present any legal certificate in the government department or immigration department in Dubai, you need a language translation service to convert your document content into Arabic. 
  1. Document Tracking Facility – Our customers can track the performance of their document attestation process. 
  1. Customer Guidance & Support – We work to match the critical requirements of our clients and function to complete the attestation process as soon as possible. 
  1. Availability in Every State of India – We have been working to provide the best attestation services for many years. Customer convenience is our priority, and we have made attestation easy. You can take our services for attestation in or from every state of India without any hassle.

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