Things To Do Before Moving Abroad From India – Ultimate Checklist

Things To Do Before Moving Abroad From India

Moving to a foreign country is a dream that everyone sees. People go abroad, either for traveling, studies or for a good job. Some people settle in an abroad country. 

But whatever be the reason for going abroad, you need to create a list of things to pack when you are moving abroad from India. There are some things to do before you move abroad. 

In this blog, you will read moving abroad tips you should consider before going abroad to keep yourself free from any mental pressure in a abroad.

7 Important Things You Need To Do Before Going Abroad from India

1. Know About the Complete Visa Procedures for Smooth Departure 

It is one of the things to handle in India before moving abroad. Read about the visa related rules for Indians going abroad. Start preparing for the interview and once you get selected, arrange for all the necessary documents required to fulfill your purpose of living abroad and complete the documents attestation process. Also, make sure to resolve passport-related issues in advance.

2. Mentally and Physically Prepare Yourself for Moving Abroad

Proper health checkups are the second important thing to handle in India before moving abroad. If anything unpleasant comes out in your health report, start taking precautions and necessary medicines before you move abroad. 

There are medical facilities abroad with modern medical procedures. But, with no medical insurance, the treatment may cost you a lot of money. So, keep yourself physically as well as mentally healthy.

If you have any severe medical condition, get the attestation of your medical documents in India to apply for medical insurance in a country abroad and start your treatment there. 

3. Check the New Rules for Indians Going Abroad 

Covid 19 has not only influenced the health of humans, but it also affected and developed new immigration rules and regulations for expats. 

Every country has changed and created rules for immigrants. Whether you are moving abroad for study, job, or to do business, research the new rules introduced for Indians in your destination country. 

4. Calculate the Budget and Save Some Money Satisfactory for Moving Abroad 

Calculate the total amount of money you need in a foreign country. Make a list of your expected expenses in a country abroad, like you make a list of dry food items, pickles, clothes, and many other necessary things to pack when moving abroad from India. 

Just like to go to Thailand, you need a Thailand visa, in which a particular amount has to be insured, and in the same way, to stay abroad, there should be a certain amount of money in your bank.

5. Educate Yourself About the Benefits and Facilities for Immigrants in Your Destination Country 

Every country has some benefits and facilities for immigrants. It will be very beneficial for you to get complete information about your destination country before going abroad. 

Before you move abroad for studies, see the advantages and government opportunities for students in your destination country.

On the other hand, if you are married, you can get extra facilities in your destination country. Many countries have government facilities for married immigrants. 

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6. Pack Appropriately, Read About the Do and Don’ts of Packing  

Pack only those things which are most important to you. Make a list in which you divide everything according to the category. Like, make a list of documents that will be useful for you abroad and keep them in one place so that you do not have any problem searching for documents abroad.

Before packing anything else, consider how much it is needed and whether they are available abroad, and can you live without them.

7. Attestation of Documents

The above-mentioned important things you should consider doing before any international trip. But when you are moving abroad for study, work, or to do business, attestation of your legal documents to confirm their authenticity is one of the crucial steps. 

People give attention to the financial steps before moving abroad, but attestation is essential, especially when moving abroad for work or study. 

What is Attestation?

Let us define this topic with an example. 

You are an Indian citizen and moving to the UK for higher education. You got your confirmation letter from the UK university and have applied for the study visa. 

Before you move abroad for studies, you need to confirm the authenticity of your previous educational documents, college degree, diploma, mark sheets, etc. Attestation confirms that your certificates are original and have the legitimacy to use overseas. 

Now the point is who performs the document attestation task?

There are many reasons people move to a country abroad. Some go for jobs and some for studies. So whatever your purpose of moving abroad from India, you need some documents for every purpose, and you cannot use those documents abroad without attestation. 

So if you are going abroad to study MBBS, you need to attest your educational certificates in your country. All Indian documents, whether a degree, marriage certificate, birth certificate, etc, are verified by the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) in India. 

After the MEA attestation of documents, the Embassy of the country you are visiting provides attestation that confirms your documents’ legitimacy. 

What are the Necessary Documents Need Attestation Before you Move Abroad?

The following five popular documents attestation are mandatory for an education visa, work visa, family visa, etc. 

  • Birth Certificate
  • Medical Certificate 
  • Degree Certificate 
  • Diploma Certificate 
  • Marriage Certificate 

Where can You Get the Best Attestation Services?

The MEA has officially approved Superb Enterprise (SEPL) to guide and help applicants as well as the MEA and the foreign diplomatic mission (Embassies) in the attestation procedure. The government officials accept documents for attestation by the authorized Superb Enterprise. 

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