What is the Need of Degree Certificate Attestation & the Procedure of It?

Procedure for attestation of degree certificate

Degree certificate attestation is the process of verifying the authenticity of a degree by a government authority. 

If you want to travel to foreign for purposes such as higher education, work, migration, or any other purpose then it’s mandatory for you to get your degree attested by the government authorities & the respective country embassy where you’ve applied to travel.

Four departments verify your degree certificate for attestation, and they are:

  • The University issued the document
  • The State  
  • The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), and 
  • The Embassy of your destination country. 

In this article, we have mentioned two crucial points related to a degree certificate attestation – The need for a degree certificate attestation and the procedure for attestation of a degree certificate.

Need for a Degree Certificate Attestation

A passport and visa are the legal documents vital to staying in a foreign country. Similarly, a degree certificate attestation is one of the crucial documents you require to fulfill your following needs.

  • To Pursue Higher Education Abroad
  • For a job foreign country
  • For Work and Employment visa

Procedure for Attestation of Degree Certificate

Attestation of a degree certificate is a little complicated and lengthy process. There are four types of attestation steps in a degree attestation procedure. 

Each stage has its value and verification methods to examine the realness of a document before the Embassy attestation. The definite procedure for a degree certificate attestation in India is as the following;

Regional Level 

The document verification process begins with the university that issued the degree certificate. 

State Government

There are three categories of documents for Attestation -Educational, Personal and Commercial. A degree certificate is in the department of education and verified for Attestation by the state Human Resource. 

MEA Stamp

After the state level of verification, the MEA checks the document’s authentication and then puts the MEA stamp on the document then forwards it to the Embassy for Attestation. 


The Embassy of your destination country will re-check the document carefully and prove the document is legal to use in the respective country with an Attestation. 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

How Long Does It Take To Get a Degree Certificate Attestation?

The time depends upon the type of document attestation, the country you required attestation for, and many other factors that affect the period. Naturally, a degree certificate attestation will take eight to ten working days.

However, the period can increase to a couple of weeks or a month, and it depends on the agency your hire for a degree certificate attestation service. 

How Much Does It Cost You to Get a Degree Certificate Attestation?

As you have read above, four departments are involved in the degree certificate attestation process. So, the fees for a degree certificate attestation depend on the department and it varies from country to country and state to state. 

The cost of document attestation is also influenced by the agency you hire to take attestation service and add-on utilities like tracking, language translation, or pick up and drop services.