MEA Attestation in Ahmedabad

The attestation definition can be explained as an exhibition of proof of smoothing. It is known as more of a legal term that is concerned with the legality of proofs, a document, a statement, or a certificate. Moreover, it is presented in the form of stamps procured on a particular document. Doing so confirms that the certificate is genuine and can be trusted. It is a type of formality by the law that helps the authenticity of the certificate.

Superb Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. is an MEA-authorized agency that will definitely ensure the applicant offers safe and secure MEA Attestation in Ahmedabad services. The SEPL team is always available 24/7 to assist and help the applicant. We ensure to offer accurate and error-free attestation with responsive customer service.

Why Is MEA Attestation Required?

MEA Attestation in Ahmedabad is required for multiple reasons:

  • Resident visa
  • Student visa
  • Work visa
  • Start Up a business in a foreign nation
  • To work in any foreign country

It is also majorly needed when the applicant applies for the visa and as well as to acquire an embassy validation for different purposes. Moreover, MEA validation for Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi, and so on is a must for various educational and non-educational certificates, including- degree certificates, birth certificates, marriage certificates, etc.

Categories of Documents

What Steps Are Included in the MEA Attestation Process?

The Ministry of External Affairs Attestation procedure establishes a diversified set of steps of documentation. They all vary based on the origin of the certificate; legitimization is required. Furthermore, it is known as the ultimate stage of document attestation in the name of the government of the home country.

Simply based on the type of documents, the process for the authentication of educational, personal, and commercial documents will differ. However, before proceeding with any verification, the candidate has to obtain the notary attestation only if required. Here is the different process that is particular to the place of allocation of the certificate and its origin.


Steps for Educational Documents Attestation

  • State HRD Attestation: The validation of certificates from the state is done by the three different departments as per the requirements of the certificate type. If the candidate wants to get their educational documents authenticated, getting a State HRD attestation stamp on the certificate is the prior authentication method they have to opt for.
  • MEA Attestation: The Ministry of External Affairs authorization is the second stage of documentation, where the MEA procures its attestation stamp on the document on the certificate issued from India.
  • Embassy Attestation: Lastly, embassy attestation from the respective embassy of the candidate's destination country is obligatory if it is to be utilize in a foreign nation for any purpose.
  • Steps 1

    State HRD Attestation

  • Steps 2

    MEA Attestation

  • Steps 3

    Embassy Attestation

Steps for Personal Documents Attestation

  • State Home Department: In the initial step, all the certificate categories under the personal documents needed to be authenticated on the state level first by the State Home Department.
  • MEA Attestation: After obtaining the other prior legitimation, the personal certificate is then validated by the Ministry of External Affairs with its attestation stamp.
  • Embassy Attestation: Now, the final validation is performed by the concerned embassy of the candidate's destination nation. Doing so confirms the originality and genuineness of the documents.
  • Steps 1

    State Home Department

  • Steps 2

    MEA Attestation

  • Steps 3

    Embassy Attestation

Steps for Commercial Documents Attestation

  • Chamber of Commerce Attestation: In the documentation of commercial documents, the crucial procedure is to obtain the certificate validated by the Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber of Commerce places its attestation stamp on the certificate to approve its authenticity.
  • MEA Attestation: Next, the certificate is required to be validated by the Ministry of External Affairs.
  • Embassy Attestation: At last, the embassy of the candidate's destination country approves the authenticity of the certificate by procuring its attestation stamp.
  • Steps 1

    Chamber of Commerce

  • Steps 2

    MEA Attestation

  • Steps 3

    Embassy Attestation

Educational Document Attestation In Ahmedabad

If the candidate is heading to any foreign nation for study, employment, or any other reason, they must get all their educational documents validated. They have to go through the following steps of legitimation:

  • State HRD Attestation: Firstly, the educational certificate is required to be legalized by the State Human Resource Department.
  • MEA Attestation: Secondly, the document is forwarded and authenticated by MEA with its attestation stamp.
  • Embassy Attestation: After all, the respective embassy verified the educational certificate by placing the embassy attestation stamp to conclude the process.

Degree Certificate Attestation In Ahmedabad

The attestation procedure is a time-taking and includes proper documentation, charges, and waiting periods. In order to obtain the degree certificate attested efficiently, the candidate has to submit their original degree certificates. Afterward, we share it with the following government authorities for validation

  • Authentication by HRD: A Degree Certificate is categorized under the educational document and, therefore, required to be attested by the HRD validation first.
  • Authentication by MEA: In the second step, the document is shared with MEA, where MEA procures its attestation stamp on the degree certificate.
  • Authentication by Embassy: Finally, the final attestation is carried out by the embassy of the applicant's destination country.

Birth Certificate Attestation In Ahmedabad

We receive the Birth certificate and forward it to the different respective government authorities for legitimation purposes. Furthermore, after completing the attestation process, the applicant can collect their attested birth certificates from the SEPL branch, or we can courier them to their place.

  • State Home Department: The State Home Department is procured on the birth certificate first.
  • Ministry of External Affairs: Now, the MEA attestation stamp is placed, which confirms the authenticity of the certificate.
  • Embassy Attestation: At last, the embassy where the applicant is moving approves the document's legitimacy using its attestation stamp.

Marriage Certificate Attestation In Ahmedabad

SEPL team has expertise in their work as we have been offering such services since 2008. Our genuineness and impeccable services result in becoming the prominent choice of the applicant. We assist and help the candidate in every single level of authentication, as listed here.

  • State Home Department: Foremost, the marriage certificate is submitted to and validated by the State Home Department.
  • MEA Attestation : The second validation is done by the Ministry of External Affairs.
  • Embassy Attestation: Finally, the certificate is forwarded to the concerned embassy of the candidate's destination country for attestation.

MOFA Attestation In Ahmedabad

MOFA document attestation is a lengthy process that takes a bit longer time to complete. But we make it quicker and smoother for applicants. Here are the steps mentioned that are followed to complete the legalization procedure.

  • State-Level Attestation: The attestation of certificates from the concerned state is carried out by multi-furious organizations based on the document's type.
  • MEA Attestation: Once the prior step of verification is completed, the document is then legitimized by the Ministry of External Affairs.
  • Embassy Attestation: Afterwards, the UAE embassy stamp is placed on the document, which approves the authenticity of it.
  • MOFA Attestation: At last, the applicant has to get the MOFA attestation stamp on their document in the UAE if they want to utilize it there for any purpose.

Commercial Document Attestation In Ahmedabad

Commercial certificate attestation is a mandatory procedure for candidates visiting abroad for business purposes. The legalization of commercial documents undergoes different levels. For which SEPL Group assists all the needy applicants.

  • Chamber of Commerce: All commercial documents are legalized by the Chamber of Commerce. The authority places their attestation stamp on the certificate and afterward submits it to MEA.
  • Ministry of External Affairs Attestation: In the second level of authentication, the Ministry of External Affairs does the authentication by using its attestation stamp.
  • Embassy Attestation: At last, based on the nation the candidate is moving to, the embassy attestation is carried out by the nation they are moving to.

Why Choose SEPL Group?

Superb Enterprises has been working since 2008 and has now gained the title of the best attestation apostille services in India. Moreover, we have evolved this expertise and praise all due to being professional and the experiences that we have acquired over years and years. Here are some more features we render to needy applicants to help them with the finest services:

  • Quick & Reliable Service: SEPL document attestation services are verified and trustworthy; we offer quick documentation for all types of certificates. Additionally, we are retained and are in reliance with all our users.
  • Document Collection & Delivery: This service will aid the applicant to effortlessly submit their documents and get them back whenever attested. With such a service, procedures will become faster and hassle-free.
  • Services Available All Over India: SEPL Group is intended for many years and has multiple branches spread all over India offering the best and genuine services, likewise MEA apostille attestation in Ahmedabad service.
  • 24*7 Customer Support: Contact us anytime you need, as we are always available and responsive for our candidates. The team is determined enough to give the best guidance for needed doubts.
  • Quality Assurance: We render many services of prime quality with validity. Furthermore, perfection and expertise in the offered services are assured.

How to Reach Us?

There are multiple ways to get in touch with the SEPL team. Therefore, if the applicant faces any issue regarding the procedure, they can contact us anytime using any of the below-highlighted mediums.

  • The foremost medium is to directly visit the SEPL branch situated in Ahmedabad and acquire all the required details from the team available at the moment.
  • Moreover, the applicant can visit the official website of Superb Enterprises, correctly fill out the form and submit it on the portal. After which, the team will coordinate with you as soon as possible.
  • Or, they can call/WhatsApp on- 7624000990
  • The last medium is to mail at

Frequently Asked Questions

Superb Enterprises is categorized as one of the best apostille attestation services provider agencies in India. If you are in India looking for MEA attestation services, then you are on the correct page. We offer Ministry of External Affairs verification for all types of documents and whenever required. Moreover, we have services for different types of documents, including degree certificates, birth certificates, marriage certificates, etc.

There is a long list of certificates that you might need authentication for. The total processing time is based on different elements, for instance, for which nation you mandatorily require the authentication, the types of documents, the destination from where the certificate is issued, and so on. However, the entire attestation procedure can be completed on time and hassle-free with SEPL. We provide fast, reliable, and accurate certificate attestation services to all needy candidates.

The MEA Attestation in Ahmedabad charges vary from certificate to certificate. It will even be impacted by the preference of requirements, also from the region in which the documents were issued. In order to get the authentication services at a pocket-friendly price, the applicant can use the services offered by Superb Enterprises.

Apart from rendering the Ministry of External Affairs authentication, we offer the following services to all applicants at a very affordable price:

  • HRD Attestation
  • MOFA Attestation
  • Birth Certificate Attestation
  • Birth Certificate Attestation
  • Marriage Certificate Attestation

Besides, candidate can get their document authenticated for the Gulf countries using the following services:

  • Qatar Embassy Attestation
  • Kuwait Embassy Attestation
  • Saudi Embassy Attestation
  • Saudi Culture attestation
  • UAE Embassy Attestation

This is the unique feature of SEPL that we offer document tracking services to our users. Basically, we issue a reference number to all the applicants, using which the applicant can easily check their document status whenever they want.

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