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MEA Apostille in Patna

Superb Enterprises Pvt. Ltd., an MEA-approved agency, Government of India. We are the most trustworthy and foremost preference of the candidates looking for MEA apostille services in Patna. Superb Enterprises has a highly experienced and professional team who leads the entire apostille procedure accurately. We offer services in all the major states of India, including Patna.

Furthermore, we receive and verify the originality of the certificate and forward it to the respective government authorities to conclude the MEA Apostille process. Despite that, the candidate can use document tracking services and document translation services. By using the translation services, the candidate translates their certificate into any foreign language they want.

Document Requirements for MEA Apostille in Patna

Using Superb Enterprises services like MEA Apostille in Patna, the applicant can easily, quickly, and accurately apostille their documents.

Superb Enterprises is the safest agency to utilise for the MEA apostille procedure as we are the MEA-authorised agency and keep all the candidate's documents safe.

Steps Included in MEA Apostille in Patna

Procedure for Educational Document Apostille

  • State Human Resource Department: Once we collect the educational certificate, we approve the originality of the certificate and forward it to the State Human Resource Department for the authentication process.
  • MEA Apostille: Secondly, the certificate is forwarded to MEA, where MEA validates the certificate's legitimation with its apostille stamp.
  • Steps 1

    State Human Resource Department

  • Steps 2

    MEA attestation

Procedure for Personal Document Apostille

  • State Home Department: In the initial step, the State Home Department confirms the authenticity of the Document and then submits it to the Ministry of External Affairs.
  • MEA Apostille: In the second and final step, MEA collects the certificate and authenticates it with the MEA apostille stamp.
  • Steps 1

    State Home Department

  • Steps 2

    MEA Apostille

Procedure for Commercial Document Attestation

  • Chamber of Commerce: To start with the process, Superb Enterprises submits the commercial Document to the Chamber of Commerce. Then the Chamber of Commerce confirms the authenticity of the Document.
  • MEA Apostille: Lastly, MEA authenticates the validity of the Document by procuring the MEA apostille stamp.
  • Steps 1

    Chamber of Commerce

  • Steps 2

    MEA Apostille

NOTE: Superb Enterprises make sure to courier the final apostille documents to the applicant's place through online or offline mediums.

Educational Document Apostille in Patna

Candidates can only get their educational certificate apostille in Patna by using the guidance of SEPL professionals and an experienced team. Being the primary choice of the candidate, we make sure to offer quick and reliable apostille services to all needy applicants.

The educational document apostille procedure can be completed in simply two steps:

  • HRD Apostille: Primarily; the educational document must be authenticated by the State HRD.
  • MEA Apostille: After that, the certificate is shared with the MEA, where Ministry of External Affairs places its apostille stamp to authenticate the certificate.

Degree Certificate Apostille in Patna

Applicants who are looking forward to moving to any foreign nation to study, work, etc., need to get all their certificates apostille. It is a government scrutinization procedure that is important for all applicants.

Using the simple, easy, and quick Superb Enterprises services, applicants can complete the procedure.

  • State HRD Authentication: Primarily, the State Human Resource Department confirms the legitimation of the Document by placing the HRD stamp.
  • Ministry of External Affairs Authentication: Secondarily, the final apostille stamp is procured by the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) to validate the certificate's authenticity.

Marriage Certificate Apostille in Patna

A marriage certificate apostille is required if the candidate moves abroad with their partner. For which they can utilize SEPL Ministry of External Affairs apostille services. They are required to submit their original certificates to the Superb Enterprises team. After that, we proceed in the following manner to initiate the procedure to complete the MEA apostille in Patna.

  • State Home Department: After collecting the marriage document, we sent it to the State Home Department to authenticate it.
  • Ministry of External Affairs: Then, the Ministry of External Affairs authenticates the certificate with its apostille sticker to validate the legitimacy of the marriage certificate.

Afterward, the candidate can collect their apostille marriage certificate from SEPL by visiting the branch or through courier, etc.

Divorce Certificate Apostille in Patna

We also offer the document collection and courier of the apostille certificate to the candidate. Moreover, we always utilize the notable and fast apostille services to conclude the divorce certificate apostille in Patna. Once the applicant submits their certificate to SEPL, we submit that collected divorce certificate and forward it to the concerned government agencies for the legitimation.

  • Foremost Validation: The prominent validation is done by the State Home Department, where the department procures the apostille stamp on the certificate.
  • Final Validation: Secondly, the certificate is authenticated by the Ministry of External Affairs. MEA places its apostille stamp on the certificate and makes it utilise in any Hague Convention country.

Birth Certificate Apostille in Patna

Now, with SEPL apostille services in Patna, the applicant can easily complete the apostille procedure on time and without inconvenience. We ensure to offer complete guidance, assistance, and support to all the applicants till they do not receive their final apostille birth certificate.

  • Primary Apostille: A birth certificate comes under the personal Document, therefore required to be validated by the State Home Department.
  • Final Apostille: After that, MEA validates the birth certificate's authenticity by its apostille stamp.

Death Certificate Apostille in Patna

To begin and complete the death certificate apostille in Patna, the applicant has to utilize the services offered by SEPL. The applicant also can use the document translation services to translate the content of their Document before using the MEA apostille services.

  • Home Department Validation: Foremost, the certificate is forwarded to the State Home Department to validate the legitimacy of the certificate.
  • Ministry of External Affairs Validation: Then, MEA collects the certificate and places its apostille stamp on the death certificate.

Business Document Apostille in Patna

Superb Enterprises is an MEA-authorized agency that offers accurate and affordable business documents apostille services. We have been providing complete genuine, and authentic apostille services since 2008. We use a systematic and easy method to complete the procedure.

Moreover, we collect the documents directly from the candidate using the online or offline medium and then follow the below-written steps:

  • Chamber of Commerce: In the first step, the business certificate is validated by the Chamber of Commerce.
  • MEA Apostille: In the second or final step, the Chamber of Commerce shares the Document with MEA. Then, the Ministry of External Affairs confirms the validity of the certificate by procuring the Ministry of External Affairs apostille stamp.

Commercial Documents Apostille in Patna

We use the following steps to complete the commercial documents apostille procedure in Patna. Applicants have to forward their original business documents to the SEPL team.

  • 1st Apostille: Prominently, the commercial certificate is forwarded to the Chamber of Commerce for legitimation. The chamber of commerce procures its apostille stamp on the document.
  • 2nd Apostille: Secondarily, the certificate is then shared with MEA for the final authentication.

Use Superb Enterprises Services

  • MEA-Authorized Agency: Superb Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. is an approved agency by MEA, the government of India. Hence, we are the finest and most trustworthy agency providing MEA apostille services at a very affordable cost.
  • Apostille Services in India: All the candidates can receive the MEA apostille services in any state of India, including Patna. Depending on the state the candidate stays in, they can enjoy utilizing the apostille services.
  • Fast and Trustworthy Service: By offering quick and trustful MEA apostille services in Patna, we are becoming the foremost preference of the candidate as they are getting all satisfactory services.
  • Professional Translators: Superb Enterprises also has a highly professional and expert team of translators. The translator translates the Document into different languages based on the candidate's preference.
  • Customer Support Service: We always focus on providing the best support to candidates to make the apostille procedure easier for them. Therefore, we provide a 24*7 customer support service to candidates.

Get In Touch With Superb Enterprises

Using any of the following mediums, the candidate can get in touch with the SEPL team.

  • All the applicants can forward their doubts regarding the Apostille procedure on the portal of Superb Enterprises. For which the candidate requires to fill out the form available on the official website.
  • The applicants also have the option to submit the mail at
  • Or, they can Call or Whatsapp at 9319096918
  • Furthermore, the highly professional & experienced team of SEPL receives the Document and explains every single detail to the applicant regarding the Apostille procedure, including the processing time and fee.
  • After compiling the MEA Apostille in Patna, based on the applicant's preference, we courier the final attested Document to their places.

Frequently Asked Questions

The processing time for the MEA Apostille in Patna depends on different elements like- the type of Document, state or city from where the certificate is issued, and some other purposes. Furthermore, we also provide fast, reliable, hassle-free certificate apostille services; the applicant can choose Superb Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. services.

The cost of the MEA certificate Apostille in Patna totally depends on different elements, including the type of Document, state or city from where the certificate is issued, etc. So, if the candidate is willing to receive budget-friendly document apostille services, then it is best to use Superb Enterprises' affordable MEA Apostille services.

In order to get the document apostille, the candidate is required to submit their valid and official documents to the SEPL team. Below listed are some of the important documents required for MEA Apostille in India.

  • Original certificate
  • Passport Copy of the Certificate holder
  • Visa Copy
  • 2 Passport Size Photos