MEA Apostille in Bhopal

The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) has outsourced its document apostille work with effect from March 1, 2012. Superb Enterprises is also an MEA-authorised agency that offers accurate and trustworthy MEA apostille services and benefits. Moreover, now, Superb Enterprises is here with its services to initiate the MEA apostille in Bhopal. We promise to offer all the best, quick, affordable, and hassle-free services to all the required applicants.

Furthermore, we collect and validate the originality of the Document and submit it to the respective government authorities to complete the MEA apostille procedure. Plus, if the candidate wants to translate their Document, we also have a document translation service. We have a professional and expert team of translators who translate the Document into the required language. Apart from offering document translation, and apostille service, Superb Enterprises is also known for its responsive nature, which indicates that we offer the finest customer assistance to the candidate to solve their issues and problems.

Document Needed for MEA Apostille in Bhopal

Suppose the applicant has to use the MEA apostille services in Bhopal via Superb Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. In that case, they have to submit their original documents to Superb Enterprises through the online or offline medium. Moreover, SEPL provides the MEA apostille services for the following documents:


Educational Document

Certificates like diplomas, degrees, secondary-level certificates, all Mark Sheets etc., are included under the Educational Document.


Personal Document

Personal Document includes the documents like- birth, marriage, medical, death, divorce, Police Clearance etc.


Business/Commercial Document

The applicant has to submit their business document like- a shipping certificate, power of attorney, transport certificate, Export Invoice, Certificate of Origin etc.

Complete Procedure for MEA Apostille in Bhopal


Steps for Educational Document Apostille

  • State Human Resource Department: Primarily, once we get the educational Document, we confirm the originality of the certificate and submit it to the State Human Resource Department for the validation procedure.
  • MEA Apostille: Secondarily, the certificate is shared with MEA, where MEA validates the certificate's authentication with its apostille stamp.

Steps for Personal Document Apostille

  • State Home Department: In the first step, the State Home Department validated the authenticity of the Document and shared it with the State Home Department.
  • MEA Apostille: In the second and final step, the certificate is legitimised by the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) with its apostille stamp.

Steps for Commercial Document Apostille

  • Chamber of Commerce: To begin the process, Superb Enterprises forwarded the commercial certificate to the Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber of Commerce verifies the authenticity of the Document.
  • MEA Apostille: After that, MEA approves the legitimacy of the Document by placing the MEA apostille stamp.

After completing the MEA apostille procedure, the Document is delivered to the applicant using their proffered method.

Educational Document Apostille in Bhopal

Suppose the applicant is looking forward to visiting abroad for study, business, or any other purpose and has to go through the MEA apostille procedure. The applicant can use the Superb Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. document apostille procedure to get accurate and hassle-free services in Bhopal.

Furthermore, we receive the original and valid certificate from the candidate and forward them to the respective government authorities to complete the apostille procedure

  • Firstly, the Document is shared with the State Human Resource Department for authentication.
  • Secondly, MEA verifies the legitimation of the certificate by procuring an MEA apostille sticker on the Document.

Degree Certificate Apostille in Bhopal

A degree certificate apostille confirms the authenticity of the Document in a Hague Apostille Convention member nation. Plus, Superb Enterprises provide fast, reliable, steady, and affordable apostille services in Bhopal. Additionally, we assist the candidate in initiating and completing the degree certificate apostille procedure using the Superb Enterprises apostille services.

Moreover, the degree certificate apostille process is completed in two simple steps:

  • Foremost, the State Human Resource Department validates the authenticity of the certificate by procuring the HRD stamp.
  • Then, the final apostille stamp is placed by the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) to verify the certificate's legitimacy.

Marriage Certificate Apostille in Bhopal

We always aim to offer professional and accurate apostille services in Bhopal. Therefore, if the applicant is living in Bhopal, then they must use the facilities and services to get the finest facilities.

  • A marriage certificate comes under a personal Document. Therefore, it needs to be verified by the State Home Department.
  • Second, the Ministry of External Affairs(MEA) verifies a marriage document's authenticity with an MEA apostille sticker.

Divorce Certificate Apostille in Bhopal


Superb Enterprises goes through the following steps to complete the divorce certificate apostille procedure on the candidate's behalf.

  • State Home Department: A divorce certificate is a personal document, that's why required to be validated by the State Home Department. The State Home Department authenticates the legitimation of the divorce certificate and forwards it to MEA.
  • MEA Apostille: After receiving the certificate, MEA procures the apostille stamp on it to confirm the authentication of the divorce certificate.

Birth Certificate Apostille in Bhopal

Now, the applicant can smoothly apostille their certificate in Bhopal. With Superb Enterprises Pvt. Ltd., we offer easy assistance to the applicant to make this time-taking apostille procedure quicker. We walk through the following process to complete the birth certificate apostille.

  • A birth certificate lies under the personal Document, which is validated by the State Home Department.
  • Secondly, MEA validates the birth certificate's authenticity by its apostille stamp.

Death Certificate Apostille in Bhopal

Superb Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. and MCA-authorised agency provides secure and safe apostille facilities to the candidate to forward the document apostille so that they can use the apostilled Document in a foreign country at their arrival time. Moreover, if the candidate wishes to convert their Document to any foreign language, then they can use the document translation services provided by SEPL.

In addition, once we get the divorce certificate of the candidate, we forward the certificate to the State Home Department to get confirmation on the authentication of the death certificate. After the State Home Department approves the certificate's authenticity, the certificate is further legitimised by the Ministry of External Affairs.

Business Document Apostille in Bhopal


Despite offering the apostille services in Lucknow, the applicant can now use the document translation service available on Superb Enterprises Pvt. Ltd.; The applicant has to submit their original and valid certificate to Superb Enterprises and leave the rest of the things to the agency.

Superb Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. guide will assist the applicant in knowing the procedure included in the document apostille-

  • Chamber of Commerce: Firstly, The business document is authenticated by the Chamber of Commerce.
  • MEA Apostille: Secondly, the Chamber of Commerce submits the Document to MEA. Then, MEA validates the legitimacy of the certificate by procuring the MEA apostille sticker.

Commercial Document Apostille in Bhopal

Superb Enterprises, an MEA-authorised agency, includes an expert and professional team who assist the candidates heading forward to conclude the business certificate apostille process in Bhopal. Furthermore, we aim to offer fast, reliable, smooth, and accurate apostille services in Bhopal.

The applicant has to submit their business document to SEPL.

After getting the Document, we can inspect the validity and originality of the Document and then share it with the Chamber of Commerce.

The Chamber of Commerce authenticates the Document and submits it to the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA),

where the MEA procures the apostille sticker on the commercial Document.

Services Available in Bhopal by Superb Enterprises

Despite offering the MEA apostille service in Bhopal, Superb Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. provides facilities in over 20 cities in India. We provide all the necessary services to the applicant to make the apostille services smoother and more convenient.

Furthermore, here are some of the other services or facilities applicable to Superb Enterprises. Just go through it:

  • Apostille Services in India: Superb Enterprises offers the finest and most accurate apostille services in all parts of India, including Bhopal.
  • Translation Service: We also provide a translation service; by using the service, the candidate can get their Document translated by professional and experienced translators.
  • Document Collection and Delivery Facility: Superb Enterprises include a team that collects documents through an online or offline medium(courier or in person) and delivers the attested certificates as the candidate has applied.
  • Certificate Tracking Facility: The candidate can track the Document apostille updates. For this, we share a reference number with the candidate, and by entering that number on the required field, the candidate can check their document status.

Contact Details

In case the candidate has any doubts or problems related to Superb Enterprises Pvt. Ltd., They must use the following ways to contact the professional and experienced team to resolve their problems.

  • The candidate can mail us at
  • Applicants are free to visit the Superb Enterprises branch in Bhopal.
  • Or else, they can submit their certificate online or visit the apostille service branch in Bhopal.