Marriage Certificate Attestation in Patna

Document attestation is a mandatory requirement that has to be fulfilled by the candidates who are planning to move abroad irrespective of whether that move to the foreign country is temporary or permanent. The process remains the same for Indian nationals as well. Out of the numerous documents that warrant attestation and authentication for successful immigration, the marriage certificate is also one such document.

When an individual moves abroad for education, employment, or business opportunities, they need to submit various educational, personal, and commercial documents, whichever is applicable. Similarly, when a candidate wants to move abroad with their spouse they need to submit an attested copy of their marriage certificate. It is a personal document containing crucial information like the couple's name, the date and location of the marriage, the certificate's issuer and department, etc.

The procedure of marriage certificate attestation can be a bit daunting, time-consuming and in all honesty, a little complicated. The document has to be verified and stamped by various government authorities at different levels before it can finally be sent to the destination country’s embassy for the final stamp of approval.

However, with Superb Enterprises candidates can obtain marriage certificate attestation in Patna without any hassle and that too at very attractive prices. Superb Enterprises is an MEA-authorized agency working in the field since 2008. We are known for offering top-notch client support. We've been providing the best service possible for years, handling large numbers of customers every day.

Need for Marriage Certificate Attestation in Patna

The importance of attested documents cannot be underestimated as they serve a lot of useful purposes. The attestation stamp on a document guarantees the authenticity and legality of the concerned document, it also lets the authorities in the destination country know that the candidate(s) is arriving in the country with legal documents for a genuine purpose.

Marriage certificate attestation is a mandatory requirement for married couples looking to move abroad. The marriage certificate is an important piece of certification that guarantees the authenticity and legitimacy of a marriage and the attestation stamp on the certificate makes it eligible for use overseas.

Candidates looking to move abroad with their spouses can contact Superb Enterprises for quick, reliable and hassle-free marriage certificate attestation in Patna. Apart from that, here are a few reasons why you may need an attestation stamp on your marriage certificate.

Here are a few reasons why you may need an attestation stamp on your marriage certificate;

  • To apply for a residence visa
  • To get a family visa
  • To apply for a partner visa
  • To attain a dependent visa
  • For a permanent residence visa
  • To take family abroad

Superb Enterprises is one of the largest service providers working in the industry since 2008 with MEA certification. We work with any and all kinds of documents submitted for attestation and apostille services.

Steps Involved in Marriage Certificate Attestation

The marriage certificate is a legal document that a candidate has to submit in case they want to move overseas with their spouse. The process of getting an attestation stamp on the marriage certificate can be as previously mentioned - complicated. It is a long process involving the certificate being authenticated by different government authorities at various levels before finally being sent to the embassy of the candidate’s destination country. However, with Superb Enterprises, candidates can obtain marriage certificate attestation in Patna without any hassle at very attractive prices.

Here is a step-by-step breakdown of the marriage certificate attestation procedure;

  • State Home Department: The marriage certificate being a personal document needs the first stamp of approval by the state home department. The certificate is then sent to the MEA for further attestation.
  • MEA Attestation: The MEA then attests to the legitimacy of the marriage certificates by stamping the document with their stamp of approval.
  • Embassy Attestation: In the final step, the marriage certificate is authenticated by the embassy of the destination country, which validates its legitimacy and allows it to be used overseas.
  • Steps 1

    State Home Attestation

  • Steps 2

    MEA Attestation

  • Steps 3

    Embassy Attestation

Documents Required for Marriage Certificate Attestation in Patna

Candidates who are planning to immigrate overseas have to get their personal, educational and commercial documents attested by the applicable government authorities and the embassy of the destination country for a smooth immigration experience. One such personal document is a marriage certificate, it is a crucial legal document that serves as proof of marriage between two consenting adults. It has to be attested by the concerned authorities making it eligible for use overseas.

So, if you are a candidate wishing to move abroad with your family, get in touch with Superb Enterprises for a quick, reliable and hassle-free marriage certificate attestation in Patna. Here is the list of documents that the candidates need to bring with them for a successful attestation of their marriage certificate.

  • Original certificate
  • Passport copy
  • Authorization letter (If applicable)

Superb Enterprises understands the importance of attested documents for our clients, hence we strive to provide the best attestation services to our clients at very competitive prices.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Like any other document that may need to be attested for a foreign visit or immigration, a marriage certificate is a crucial document that has to be attested by the government authorities and the destination country’s embassy if the candidate wants to travel alongside their spouse.

Yes, marriage certificate attestation is a mandatory legal requirement that a candidate has to meet if they want to move abroad with their spouse. Attestation is a vital need since it informs the authorities in the destination country that you are travelling with proper documents for a legitimate purpose.

The following documents are needed to obtain successful marriage attestation in Patna.

  • Original certificate
  • Passport Copy of the Certificate holder
  • Visa Copy
  • 2 Passport Size Photos

Absolutely, you can get your marriage certificate attested in Patna. All you have to do is visit our local office in Patna and meet one of our representatives to get the process started.

The cost of marriage certificate attestation depends on a lot of variables like the state in which the document was issued, the urgency of the need, the destination country, and so on.

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