How to Get a Job in Kuwait From India – Complete Guide

How to Get a Job in Kuwait From India

Kuwait dinar is the most valuable currency worldwide. Kuwait is one of the gulf countries that offer the benefits like housing subsidies or the option of a home or rent, a credit at low rates for cars and medical assistance, etc., to foreign workers. 

Many Indians work in Kuwait in tourism, finance, transport, technology, transportation, hospitals, engineers, national oil companies, and scientists.

Why do Indians Work in Kuwait? 

Kuwait is an attractive job market with the following benefits and facilities.

  1. Lowest unemployment rates. 
  2. No personal income taxes. 
  3. People work in Kuwait from Monday to Friday. 
  4. Kuwait is one of the wealthiest nations in the world. 

If you are an Indian and secured a job in Kuwait or planning to get a job in Kuwait from India, you require a Kuwait work visa/permit to take up a job there. In addition to this, you need to attest some of your documents like a degree, diploma, leaving letter, Police clearance certificate, etc., to move to Kuwait for employment. 

This blog is a complete guide on how to get a job in Kuwait from India or what I need to move to Kuwait. 

How to Get a Job in Kuwait from India? 

There are various job portals to enquire about the job openings in Kuwait like Glassdoor, Naukri, GulfTalent, Linkedin, Edarabia, Indeed, and Bayt. You can use these portals to secure the best job in Kuwait. 

Once you secure a job in Kuwait from any job portal, you need an Iqama or residence visa and a valid work permit to move to Kuwait. 

Kuwait Work Visa Process 

Once you have secured a job in Kuwait from India, your employer will apply for your work visa/permit from the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor. Your employer will submit your passport copy to the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor. 

In addition to that, the employer will get you a No Objection Certificate (NOC) issued by the General Administration of Criminal Investigation at the Interior Ministry. 

NOC is one of the vital documents used for employment, trade, litigation, immigration, etc. 

Now let’s look at the things you need to move to Kuwait. 

What do I Need to Move to Kuwait?

Once you receive a work visa/permit and NOC from your employer, you need to apply for your medical tests in India. It is vital to prove to the government of your destination country that you are healthy and do not have any chronic or acute disease. 

Remember that the clinic you are getting your medical test done should be recognized by the Kuwait Consulate. 

Apart from a medical test, you also need a PCC (Police Clearance Certificate) from the RPO (Regional Passport Office) that confirms you have no criminal record in your native country. 

Documents Needed to Get the Kuwait Visa Stamped in India 

The following are the documents you need to get an India stamp on your work visa for Kuwait.

  • Employee one-way air ticket 
  • Employee Medical Report
  • Employee Passport with ECNR (Emigration Check Not Required)
  • Original Visa of the employee. 
  • Employer and employee signed original work agreement 
  • Photograph of the employee. 
  • PCC of the employee.
  • Employee driving license attested by the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) of its native country. 

Note – For a visa stamped on the passport, approach a travel agency authorized by the Kuwaiti Consulate in India.

Requirement of Documents Attestation for Kuwait Work 

Attestation is the verification of documents of someone shifting from his native country to another country. In the case of Kuwait, embassy attestation is mandatory to travel to Kuwait for higher education or employment. 

Many types of documents attested depend on your purpose of moving to Kuwait. Generally, when people move to a country abroad for education or a job, they apply for educational documents attestation from the State Home Department and Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) of India and the Kuwait embassy located in India. 

There is a particular procedure that the government authorities and embassy follow for document attestation for Kuwait. Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) has officially approved Superb Enterprise Pvt.Ltd (SEPL) to assist you with document attestation services in India for Kuwait. 

The SEPL group is known for providing affordable and secure Kuwait embassy attestation services. We have an expert team that collects your documents for attestation and scrutinizes them. 

After verifying your documents for attestation, we submit them to the State Home Department according to your document type, then to the MEA for attestation. In the end, we sent your documents to the Kuwait embassy for final attestation. 

Once your documents get the attestation from the Indian government authorities and the Kuwait embassy, we deliver them to you as you prefer. 

Attestation of documents is also vital to prove that the documents you will use in a foreign country are original and authentic. Whenever a person moves from his native country to a foreign country, he demonstrates his living purpose to the foreign diplomats and the immigration department that permits him to enter their country. 

To get a job in Kuwait from India, you need to apply for the attestation of your educational documents like a degree, diploma, mark sheets, etc. 

On the other hand, your police clearance certificate attestation is also mandatory to confirm the document’s legitimacy. 

Congratulations if you got your dream job in Kuwait and you are preparing to move there. For Kuwait embassy document attestation services in India, you can contact the professional and outsourcing company of MEA, Superb Enterprise.