Reasons to Apply for a Death Certificate Attestation

Death Certificate Attestation

A death certificate is a proof that a person has left the world. Who issues a death certificate in India? If you have lost your loved one and want to apply for his death certificate, visit the office of the registrar. The registrar issues a death certificate in India that states the date, time, and reason of death. 

What is the purpose of a death certificate attestation? You might know that attestation confirms that your educational, personal, and commercial documents are genuine. Attestation is an obligatory procedure to prove the realness of your documents for their use in a foreign country. 

Attestation is one of the goals that you cannot get behind while traveling abroad for education, employment, or handling the matter of a deceased property in a foreign country.

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Death certificate attestation is a confirmation that the document is original. A death certificate comes under personal certificate attestation. Attestations on a death certificate are obligatory for use in a foreign country and prove that the individual mentioned in the certificate has passed away. 

Why is Death Certificate Attestation Necessary & What is the Purpose? 

Let’s understand the concept of a death certificate attestation with an instance. In case a citizen of India lived abroad and died. To obtain the property or bank balance of that dead person, his children or close relatives will have to give proof of his death in the foreign country where the deceased used to live. So the attestation on the death certificate is proof that a person has died.

Six Reasons to Apply for a Death Certificate Attestation 

1. Requesting the Insurance Company to Payout Expected Claim 

A death certificate with attestation is a crucial document to apply for life insurance benefits. This attested certificate confirms the demise of the insurance holder to the health insurance company. 

The insurance company also covers the burial or funeral expenses. It is vital to confirm with the person who is on his deathbed about his current insurance plans or policies an individual has and can help his family after his demise. 

We get insurance done so that our family does not have to face any financial crisis after we leave the world. So if someone close to you dies, get his death certificate attested soon and fill out a form to claim his insurance plans abroad to help the family. Attestation on a death certificate is mandatory for that person who was an expat in a foreign country. 

2. Setting the Final Tax Returns of the Deceased 

In the sudden demise of someone, his loved ones, an estate lawyer or accountant can go through the tax details of the deceased and give him a better and relaxed goodbye by paying his tax returns.

When you finalize the deceased federal, state, and local tax returns with his attested death certificate, you also confirm that there will be no further tax returns for the deceased. 

3. Transporting Human Remains Internationally 

A death certificate attestation is mandatory for shipping human remains by air or for a non-US citizen’s body to be shipped to his native country for burial. A transit permit for human remains is crucial to transporting dead bodies in Texas. 

There is a strict law to allow the shipping of human remains by air from one country to another. 

If someone who lives far from his native country and has left the world and his loved ones wants to perform his cremation in his native country, they can take help from a funeral director or cremation services company. You can contact Superb Enterprise Pvt.Ltd (SEPL), certified by the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) Govt India for fast, reliable, and affordable death certificate attestation services,

4. Transferring Titles and Ownership Between Owners

To transfer the ownership of a purchase like a house or a car, especially when the current owner is deceased, you will need an attested death certificate to make the transfer happen without any obstacles. 

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5. Receive the Retirement Plans, Military Benefits & Pensions

A death certificate of a retired military officer is required to transfer his pension to the name of his spouse. On the other hand, if the deceased person had taken some pension or retirement plans and lived abroad, then to get the benefit of these plans, his family would have to deposit his attested death certificate in the pension plan company.

6. Settling Financial Accounts

Whether the deceased used to maintain stocks, bonds, or other bank accounts, his loved ones must get in touch with the bank to close accounts or transfer them to the heirs. The bank will explain the steps needed to close out the accounts, how to claim deceased bank accounts in a foreign country, or the requirement of an attested death certificate. 

A death certificate attestation is also obligatory for transferring property without a will. 

These were the popular reasons you need your loved one’s death certificate with attestation to use the document in a foreign country. 

Who can Attest Death Certificate?

A death certificate is a personal document verified and attested by the State Home Department, Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), and the concerned embassy of the applicant. 

What are the Documents Required for a Death Certificate in India?

  • Birth certificate, matriculation certificate, PAN Card, or Voter ID Card of the deceased.
  • An affidavit stating the date and time of death. 
  • Proof of death like crematorium receipt, hospital letter, etc.
  • Ration card copy of the dead.

How to Apply for a Death Certificate When Someone Dies at Home in India?

Register the death within 21 days to the concerned local authorities. The registrar will give you a form to fill in the obligatory details of the deceased person and will issue the death certificate after proper verification.

How Can You Get a Death Certificate Attestation in UAE?

The process of certificate attestation is run by and in the certificate-issued country. The Indian authorities, MEA, and the UAE embassy in India verify and attest to the Indian death certificate for use in the UAE.  

Contact SEPL for Indian document attestation to UAE certificate attestation.