Discover the World – Visa on Arrival and Visa-Free Destinations for Indians

Travelling for many is a feeling of freedom, it is also a great opportunity to break away from the monotonous life and explore some new cultures and cuisines. But there is a catch, a roadblock in the form of visa applications. The process of acquiring a visa for either tourism or business can be challenging and time-consuming. 

But what would you say if we told you that there are numerous options for Indian passport holders to treat their travel bug and visit countries with free visas for Indians? Yes, you read that right, many popular destinations allow visa-free and visa-on-arrival (VoA) entry to Indian passport holders. Many countries across the world offer simpler paperwork or no paperwork at all for entry into their country for various reasons that benefit both, the traveller and the destination country. Here in this blog, we have compiled a list of countries that offer visa-free and visa-on-arrival entry to Indian citizens. 

What is visa-free and visa-on-arrival entry?

Before diving into the list of visa-free countries for Indians and visa-on-arrival countries for Indians, let’s understand what exactly these terms mean. 

Visa-free entry implies travelling and entering a country without any paperwork needed. It is a relatively straightforward process of travelling that guarantees hassle-free entry as there is no visa involved, it also helps the traveller save on visa costs that can accumulate a lot, especially if you are travelling with the family or often travelling for business. Visa-free countries for Indians may forego the visa costs but that difference is made up by a boost in tourism and travel. 

To sum up, visa-free travel allows you to travel abroad with just a valid passport and no additional costs. Although, the requirement of documentation may vary depending on the destination country so please check the documents needed before travelling to any country. 

Visa-on-arrival on the other hand is a completely different procedure but it also works with the same aim of assisting travel to boost tourism and travel. Visa-on-arrival allows travellers to make impromptu, last-minute plans and travel peacefully without having to wait for any visa approvals. Even though visa-on-arrival is not free, nonetheless, it is still a cost-effective option to travel abroad.

Differences between Visa-free and Visa-on-Arrival countries for Indians

Visa on ArrivalVisa Free Travel
VoA implies that Indian passport holders can obtain a hassle-free visa at the destination country’s airport. Visa-free travel means that Indian passport holders can enter the destination country with just their passport and without any visa.
VoA can be a little time-consuming process compared to visa-free travel. The travellers have to fill out the forms, make payments, and wait for it to be approved before getting their visa and entering the country. The case of visa-free travel is different, as the traveller can directly walk in for the immigration process and enter the country without having to spend even a minute dealing with the bureaucratic procedures.
Travellers have to pay a fixed amount of money to obtain a visa on arrival.Visa-free entry means no costs at all which can be a big saving if you are travelling with the family.

Now that we have defined and marked the differences between visa-free countries and visa-on-arrival countries for Indians, let’s dive into the list of countries offering the same for Indian passport holders.

List of Visa-free and Visa-on-Arrival Countries for Indian Citizens

  1. Maldives – One of the most popular tourist destinations in the world amongst almost all age groups due to its turquoise oceans, blue lagoons and pristine white beaches, Maldives is one of the top visa-free countries for Indians Spend a great vacation with your loved ones at this popular destination and that too without any hassles relating to visas. 

Free Visa Duration – 90 days (for tourism)  

The best time to Visit – December to April

  1. Kenya – Famous for its vibrant wildlife, extensive greenery and breathtaking mountains, Kenya is one of the top destinations for adventure seekers in East Africa. Out of the numerous destinations, Kenya is one of the newest countries for Indians without a visa. 

Free Visa Duration – 30 days

The best time to Visit –  January and February and July to September

  1. Mauritius – Unlike other tropical destinations, Mauritius has got to offer more than just turquoise blue waters, coral reefs and pristine beaches. Mauritius is known for the fusion of great food, music and vibrant culture. 

It is the perfect destination not only for a romantic getaway but also for solo travellers willing to explore the local culture, food and cities. 

Free Visa Duration – 90 days

The best time to Visit – May to December

  1. Indonesia – One of the top tourist destinations not only in Asia but across the globe, Indonesia has something for everyone. If planned properly, the trip to Indonesia can be extremely fun and rewarding, you can explore ancient temples, hike through lush rainforests, and relax on beautiful beaches. 

Free Visa Duration – 30 days

The best time to visit – April to October

  1. Sri Lanka – Known as the pearl of the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka offers a wide range of experiences to its visitors. It is one of the countries for Indians without visa, making the whole experience even better and smoother. Sri Lanka attracts tourists due to its wide variety of landscapes from the seaside and beaches in Colombo to lush greenery in the Sinharaja Forest Reserve. 

Free Visa Duration – 30 days

The best time to visit – October to November

  1. Qatar – The gateway to the Middle East, Qatar is one of the most popular visa-free countries for Indians. Qatar’s capital Doha is one of the most futuristic and developed cities attracting tourists from all over the world. Qatar offers a well-balanced experience of vibrant local culture and modern Western facilities making the country a popular destination. 

Get Qatar Embassy Attestation

Free Visa Duration – 30 days

The best time to visit – October to March

  1. Malaysia –  Home to one of the tallest towers in the world – The Petronas Twin Towers, Malaysia is a popular travel destination and one of the many countries for Indians without visa. The capital Kuala Lumpur is a blend of cultures from all over the world. Another important feature of the Malaysian landscape is the co-existence of modern developments alongside ancient rainforests. 

Free Visa Duration – 30 days

The best time to visit – December to March

Here is a detailed list of all of the countries that offer visa-on-arrival and visa-free entry to Indian citizens and holders of Indian passports;

Note: Some of the countries might be missing in the following list.

Cook IslandsDominicaKazakhstan
FijiGrenadaMacao (SAR China)
MicronesiaHaitiEl Salvador
OmanKitts and NevisTunis
QatarVincent and the GrenadinesNepal
BarbadosTrinidad and TobagoSri Lanka (VoA)
British Virgin IslandsLaos (VoA)Thailand (VoA)
BhutanMaldives (VoA)Timor-Leste (VoA)
Cambodia (VoA)Myanmar (VoA)Iran (VoA)
Indonesia (VoA)Cape Verde IslandsJordan (VoA)


Visa-free and Visa-on-Arrival travel opportunities can be of great use to regular travellers, and families that travel together because of the cost of visa applications but the cost is not the only barrier to international travel, the process and documentation of acquiring a visa are also very complicated and time-consuming but all this has been moved out of the way with the introduction of Visa-free and Visa-ob-Arrival services. 

With each passing year, India gains some ground in the Henley passport index, and the more ground India covers the more powerful the passport will become, eventually leading to many more popular destinations opening their borders for Indian travellers. Visa-free and Visa-on-Arrival are both great options that reduce the burden of bureaucracy and paperwork, however, visa-free is the better option because it involves zero paperwork, but each country has different requirements for visa-free and Visa-on-Arrival entries so make sure to check them before embarking on an adventure.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How many countries do not require visa fees to enter for Indian nationals in 2023?

Indian passport holders can now travel to 62 destinations either visa-free or by using the Visa-on-Arrival services. Governments of these countries have come to an understanding with the Indian government to promote tourism, business relations and so on. 

  1. Can visa-on-arrival policies change?

Absolutely, owing to alterations in national immigration laws or international agreements, visa-on-arrival rules are subject to change over time. It is advised to confirm the most recent criteria before travelling.

  1. Can I extend my stay on a visa on arrival?

In some cases, you may be able to extend your stay by visiting the local immigration office of the country you are in. You may need to pay an additional fee as you will be staying beyond the free visa duration. However, this is subject to the specific rules of each country Can I extend my stay on a visa on arrival?

In some cases, you may be able to extend your stay by visiting the local immigration office of the country you are in. However, this is subject to the specific rules of each country

  1. Is the United States of America visa-free for Indians?

No, Indian nationals require a visa to visit the United States, no matter if it is for tourism or business purposes.