Why Need Apostille For Non-Educational Certificate? Find Out Here!

Apostille is the only document legalization that is accepted between the Hague Convention Countries. Besides Apostille, there is no need for any further legalization like Embassy Attestation. That’s why, if you require to use your Non-Educational Certificates (Birth/Marriage/Death/Divorce) in any Apostille Convention country, you need to obtain an Apostille stamp. Here, you can grab more information and seek expert help to get the best services for Apostille For Non-Educational Certificate without any hassle.

Why need Apostille Marriage Certificate? Know Here!

Apostille Marriage Certificate is a legalization process through which you can confirm that the issued document is authentic and valid. An Apostille stamp is needed for the certificates intended for Hague Convention countries for given below purposes:

  1. for marriage purposes
  2. To bring spouse on dependent visa
  3. Family Visa
  4. other purposes

Is Apostille Birth Certificate also Required?

A Birth Certificate is a Non-educational document. Its Apostille procedure involves witnessing the certificate by the concerned authorities and MEA to legalize its international usage. Apostille Birth Certificate is required for the documents intended to use in Hague Conventional countries for various purposes, including to apply for higher studies, employment purposes, or other visa purposes.

Apostille For Non-Educational Certificate Procedure

To get Apostille For Non-Educational Certificate, you must be familiar with its procedure. Within the process, the Personal certificate is verified by the respective state authority. After that, the MEA legalizes the document. To understand the procedure in detail, check the steps from below:

  1. First, the Non-Educational certificates are authenticated by the concerned State Home Department.
  2. After that, the Ministry of External Affairs procures an Apostille stamp on the document.
How to Get Apostille Services? Contact Us!

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