What is Nursing Certificate Attestation & Why It’s Required?

Nursing Certificate Attestation

Nursing certificate attestation is required to work as a registered nurse (RN) abroad to grow your career exponentially. A nursing certificate confirms that you have done a nursing certificate course in India required to help in all areas of healthcare.

A certificate in nursing skills helps you to stand out from the crowd as a valuable service provider in the workplace. Attestation on your educational documents, police clearance certificate, and medical certificates from the state government and the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) of your certificate-issued country and foreign embassy attestation is crucial to apply for a staff nurse vacancy or admission to a nursing university abroad. 

This blog gives detailed information about a nursing certificate, and why it is necessary to get a nursing certificate attestation to work abroad. 

What is Nursing Certification?

There are different types of nursing certificate courses in India to start a career in the healthcare sector as a nurse with minimal training. 

A nursing certificate is an educational document you require for the position of a registered nursing assistant (RNA), licensed nursing assistant (LNA), certified nursing assistant (CNA), direct care worker and personal assistant. 

A nursing certificate is a non-degree programme, diploma courses that teaches aspirants basic healthcare services and how to help patients with their daily activities.

A nursing certificate is a course you can apply for after class 10th or 12th to learn the fundamentals of nursing in less than one year. One of the importance of completing a nursing certificate course in India is that during the course, you learn and improve your communication skills, emotional stability, empathy, flexibility, concentration, interpersonal skills, physical endurance, and problem-solving skills. 

A certificate in nursing skills is also helpful for those who want to upgrade themselves with new nursing service trends or for nursing jobs overseas. 

What are the Best Nursing Certifications?

  • Certified Nurse Manager & Leader (CNML)
  • Certified Emergency Nurse (CEN)
  • Certified Paediatric Nurse (CPN)
  • Oncology Certified Nurse (OCN)

What is Nursing Certificate Attestation?  

A nursing certificate attestation is vital to use in a foreign country. Attestation is a verification stamp placed by the country that issued the document. Attestation is also known as authentication of documents for use abroad.

If there are no attestations on your educational, personal or commercial documents, you cannot use them abroad for study, marriage, business, or job. 

Why is it Necessary to Get a Nursing Certificate Attestation?

There are a few reasons you need your nursing certificate abroad, and they are:

Enrol in a Nursing Study Abroad Program

Attestation on your nursing certificate for admission to advance nursing programs abroad. You have completed your nursing certificate course in India, now for admission to the top university or institution to take the benefits of studying nursing abroad your college and the immigration department will ask for your nursing degree certificate attested by the state human resource department, the ministry of external affairs (MEA), and the concerned country’s embassy to allow you to study abroad. 

Nurse Career Abroad 

As you might know, that foreign country’s immigration department and the company that has hired you ask for your attested document. Attestation on your certificates confirms that you and your documents are genuine. If your documents have no attested stamp from the concerned state government department, MEA, and the foreign embassy, you cannot use your documents abroad for work. To secure your seat in one of the nurse job vacancies abroad, attestation on your nursing certificate is vital to confirm that you have completed a nursing course in India or any other country. 

Get a Work Permit and Residency Visa

The company or employer who hires you will apply for your work visa. Based on your work visa, you can move from your native country to a foreign country. But, after coming abroad, you need to apply for a work permit and residence visa with your attested documents. 

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In a nutshell, attestation is mandatory to use your nursing certificate in a foreign country, whether to do an advanced nursing course or get the best registered nurse jobs abroad.

Things to Consider Before Applying for a Nursing Certificate Attestation 

Attestation in India is the task done by the outsourcing agency of the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA). The authorities involved in the certificate attestation procedure accept applications for attestation through the authorised agency. 

Which is the best nursing certificate attestation agency in India, and what things to consider before getting your certificate attestation?

  1. Approach an MEA officially approved agency for a nursing certificate attestation. Superb Enterprise Private Limited (SEPL) is the certificate attestation agency in India, authorised by the MEA for document collection, scrutinising, and submission to the authorities for attestation and delivery of the attested certificate to the applicant.  
  1. Apply for certificate attestation with your valid passport, original document, and authorization letter. These three documents the agency needs to run the attestation procedure for your nursing certificate. 
  1. Gather specific information about the cost and time consumed in order to complete the procedure for a nursing certificate attestation. The cost and time consumed in the certificate attestation depend on the type of document, state to state, and the country where you are going for a job or study. 
  1. Ask the agency about the complete attestation procedure for your destination country. A nursing certificate is an educational document attested by the state human resource department with HRD attestation, MEA attestation, and embassy attestation. 

We hope this blog might help you to get nursing certificate attestation in India or abroad with Superb Enterprise.