Dubai Tourist Visa: A Pass to Explore an Exotic Desert Metropolitan

One of Asia’s most sought after destinations, Dubai is a picturesque city evolved from the Arabian deserts to a global hub. From serenity to rejuvenation and from adventure to shopping, Dubai has established an irreplaceable position in terms of tourism as well as business. Over a decade, the demand for Dubai tourist visa application has been increased steadily, and it welcomed an estimated 15.92 million visitors in 2018. If you too are looking forward to commence your move to this city for some exploration, then first understand the Dubai tourist visa procedure thoroughly.

A Dubai Tourist visa is a conditional short-term authorization granted by the UAE government to expatriates wishing to enter within the boundaries of the country for the tourism-related purpose for a specific time period. However, unlike other Dubai visas, it is an uncomplicated procedure.  A tourist visa is somewhat different from the visit visa, which allows the expats to engage in multiple activities, including visiting relatives. Dubai tourist visa is divided into two categories and they are as following:

14 days Dubai Tourist Visa

As the name suggests, this visa is valid up to 14 days only, and the tourists are required to return to their native country before its expiration for avoiding any fine.

30 days Dubai Tourist Visa

This visa offers an extended stay of 30 days to a tourist in Dubai, which can be extended with 10 more additional days with prior notice. The extension is subjected to certain terms and conditions.

The overstay of tourists will be charged with a fine of AED 200 for the first day and AED 100 for each consecutive day afterwards. This fine can be paid either at the airport or at the immigration offices in Dubai. Expats native to certain countries including European countries, UK, USA, Canada, Singapore, China, New Zealand, Russia, and Ukraine are eligible for visa on arrival. However, other Dubai visas requires UAE Embassy attestation.