Degree attestation- Crucial step for work visa processing

Studying or working abroad is something that every young professional desires. The modern infrastructure, technological advancements, and flourishing job with lucrative salary package attracts people to shift to another country. Now if you too are dreaming the same, then first you will have to prepare your documents for use in a foreign country. Degree certificate attestation is imperative for every international traveller.

A degree certificate is awarded to a student by an educational institution after the completion of a specific course of study in higher education. Students travelling abroad for post-graduation or for employment purpose need to attest their degree certificates by concerned authorities. After attestation, the documents are submitted further to the competent agencies of the visiting country. For example, if you are planning to visit UAE, then you will have to attest your degree certificates for UAE.

Degree attestation is a procedure in which educational degree certificates are witnessed by an authorized official of government and later validated with a seal and stamp for further use. During the attestation procedure, the degree certificates are analyzed rigorously, so that they can be used overseas without any complication. The Human Resource Development (HRD) is the designated authority in India which inspects the educational documents at State level. Later they are proceeded for Ministry of External Affairs attestation.

The need of degree attestation comes into existence when people travel to a foreign country for employment, education and other purposes. Attestation is obligatory to provide value to documents abroad. Degree attestation is compulsory for getting a work visa. The foreign institute will not acknowledge any unattested document due to lack of authenticity. Attestation ensures that the furnished documents are valid and not duplicate.