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We complete the Document Attestation and Certificate Apostille Procedure in the following four steps as listed below

Step 1

Collect Documents from the Applicant

Step 2

Initially Scrutinize the Document

Step 3

Submit the Document to the Concerned Departments

Step 4

Deliver Verified documents to the Applicant

Popular Documents Attestation in Delhi

  • Personal Certificate Attestation
  • Divorce Certificate Attestation
  • Birth Certificate Attestation
  • Marriage Certificate Attestation
  • PCC Attestation
  • Death Certificate Attestation
  • Educational Certificate Attestation
  • Transcript Certificate Attestation
  • Nursing Certificate Attestation
  • Degree Certificate Attestation
  • Medical Certificate Attestation
  • Diploma Certificate Attestation
  • Commercial Certificate Attestation
  • Power of Attorney Attestation
  • Certificate of Incorporation Attestation
  • Export Invoice Attestation
  • Certificate of Origin Attestation

Popular Countries for Embassy Attestation


About SEPL Attestation in Delhi

Superb Enterprises Pvt. Ltd., an MEA-authorized agency Government of India, provides certificate attestation services in Delhi. We have offered attestation services since 2008 for all types of certificates- educational, non-educational, and commercial. Plus, we focus on providing quick and convenient attestation and apostille services in Delhi at a very affordable price.

Apart from that, we are always ready to help and assist the Applicant who is facing issues or agave queries regarding the attestation procedure. In order to make the process smoother and more accessible for the Applicant, we offer certificate collection and courier services visa online and offline medium as per the candidate's selected medium.

Why Choose Us

SEPL USP - Unique Selling Point



Superb Enterprises is absolutely an MEA-authorized agency that is safe to use for attestation services.


Quick and Hassle-Free Services

You can use the fast and hassle-free attestation services, which results in fastly and timely completion of the entire attestation procedure.


Professional Translators

We also provide accurate translation services with the help of extensively experienced and professional translators. Plus, we always initiate to offer the best and finest translation services.


Services All Over India

Superb Enterprises is providing the Mea-authorized attestation in all different parts of India, including Delhi. You can use the safe and secure attestation services to get all your documents attested in Delhi.


Document Tracking Service

The Applicant using SEPL attestation services in Delhi, receives a reference number. Using this, they can track the status of their documents.


Responsive Customer Support Service

We provide 24*7 assistance to the candidates to make the entire procedure convenient and smoother for them. SEPL's responsive customer support services are the best.



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Frequently Asked Questions

The time processing for the certificate attestation procedure in Delhi depends on multiple factors. The types of documents, the services provider, and so on can be the reason for the entire time processing. Furthermore, SEPL attestation services are best. We offer fast, accurate, and reliable services to complete the procedure in less time and hassle-free.

Document attestation procedure prices can differ from service to service. Plus, it can vary in different factors such as the state or city where the applicant is staying, types of documents, etc. But Superb Enterprises offer all the document attestation services at a very affordable price in Delhi.

Attestation and Apostille is an essential steps for all applicants who are looking forward to moving to any foreign country to work, study, or for any other reasons. So, they have to submit the following documents to Superb Enterprises to commence the attestation process and get the authentication on the documents from different government authorities:

  • Original Degree Certificate
  • Marksheet Copy
  • Offer Letter Copy
  • Passport Copy
  • Two Passport Size Photos

The candidates utilizing the Superb Enterprises attestation procedure in Delhi get the reference number. By using that reference number, the candidate can directly get an update regarding their document's attestation procedure.

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