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Why Need Apostille For Non-Educational Certificate? Find Out Here!

Apostille is the only document legalization that is accepted between the Hague Convention Countries. Besides Apostille, there is no need for any further legalization like Embassy Attestation. That’s why, if you require to use your Non-Educational Certificates (Birth/Marriage/Death/Divorce) in any Apostille Convention country, you need to obtain an Apostille stamp. Here, you can grab more information and seek expert help to get the best services for Apostille For Non-Educational Certificate without any hassle.

Why need Apostille Marriage Certificate? Know Here!

Apostille Marriage Certificate is a legalization process through which you can confirm that the issued document is authentic and valid. An Apostille stamp is needed for the certificates intended for Hague Convention countries for given below purposes:

  1. for marriage purposes
  2. To bring spouse on dependent visa
  3. Family Visa
  4. other purposes

Is Apostille Birth Certificate also Required?

A Birth Certificate is a Non-educational document. Its Apostille procedure involves witnessing the certificate by the concerned authorities and MEA to legalize its international usage. Apostille Birth Certificate is required for the documents intended to use in Hague Conventional countries for various purposes, including to apply for higher studies, employment purposes, or other visa purposes.

Apostille For Non-Educational Certificate Procedure

To get Apostille For Non-Educational Certificate, you must be familiar with its procedure. Within the process, the Personal certificate is verified by the respective state authority. After that, the MEA legalizes the document. To understand the procedure in detail, check the steps from below:

  1. First, the Non-Educational certificates are authenticated by the concerned State Home Department.
  2. After that, the Ministry of External Affairs procures an Apostille stamp on the document.
How to Get Apostille Services? Contact Us!

Are you looking for genuine and prompt services for Apostille in Delhi? Don’t know how to get MEA Apostille stamp? We got you covered! Obtaining an Apostille from the concerned authorities can be a challenging task. That’s why we are here to provide you with comprehensive guidance and assistance to get an Apostille in Delhi without any hassle. With us, you can quickly and reliably get the most approachable services for all sorts of documents, including Non-Educational/Personal documents.

Dubai Tourist Visa: A Pass to Explore an Exotic Desert Metropolitan

One of Asia’s most sought after destinations, Dubai is a picturesque city evolved from the Arabian deserts to a global hub. From serenity to rejuvenation and from adventure to shopping, Dubai has established an irreplaceable position in terms of tourism as well as business. Over a decade, the demand for Dubai tourist visa application has been increased steadily, and it welcomed an estimated 15.92 million visitors in 2018. If you too are looking forward to commence your move to this city for some exploration, then first understand the Dubai tourist visa procedure thoroughly.

A Dubai Tourist visa is a conditional short-term authorization granted by the UAE government to expatriates wishing to enter within the boundaries of the country for the tourism-related purpose for a specific time period. However, unlike other Dubai visas, it is an uncomplicated procedure.  A tourist visa is somewhat different from the visit visa, which allows the expats to engage in multiple activities, including visiting relatives. Dubai tourist visa is divided into two categories and they are as following:

14 days Dubai Tourist Visa

As the name suggests, this visa is valid up to 14 days only, and the tourists are required to return to their native country before its expiration for avoiding any fine.

30 days Dubai Tourist Visa

This visa offers an extended stay of 30 days to a tourist in Dubai, which can be extended with 10 more additional days with prior notice. The extension is subjected to certain terms and conditions.

The overstay of tourists will be charged with a fine of AED 200 for the first day and AED 100 for each consecutive day afterwards. This fine can be paid either at the airport or at the immigration offices in Dubai. Expats native to certain countries including European countries, UK, USA, Canada, Singapore, China, New Zealand, Russia, and Ukraine are eligible for visa on arrival. However, other Dubai visas requires UAE Embassy attestation.

Types of visa in UAE – Complete Information about Dubai Visa

The seven emirates of the UAE makes it a place with endless possibilities. Be it for recreation or employment or even higher education, UAE has surely ranked itself on the top. There are numerous reasons why you or any other expat can live in the UAE. For making the immigration procedure much more feasible and favorable for the expats, the UAE government offers different types of visas. Below I have discussed different types of UAE visas.

1. Tourist Visa

Expatriates hailing from certain countries who are not allowed visa free entry in the UAE are required to have a UAE Tourist visa in order to explore the country. Unlike other visas, the UAE Embassy do not issue tourist visa. For acquiring one, you will need to get in touch with a UAE-based airline, a travel agency, or a prospective hotel in the UAE, who will later apply for the visa on your behalf. The UAE tourist visa is divided into two categories: 30 days tourist visa 90 days tourist visa both these visas can be further extended for the next 30 days twice.

2. Transit Visa

A transit visa is a short term stay visa issued to the passengers of the airline having a connecting flight in the UAE. A transit visa can only be issued by the airline with whom you are traveling with and is valid for a period between 8 hours and 4 calendar days. Residents of GCC Countries and others who are allowed visa free entry in the country do not require this visa. Transit visa does not require a thorough document attestation procedure, unlike other visas.

3. Student Visa

A student visa is issued to the foreign students who are staying in the country for the educational purpose. The student visa is offered for one year, although it can be further extended for one more year. On May 2018, the UAE government implemented a major initiative under which students performing exceptionally well will be issued 10 years residency in the country. Apart from these, specialists including engineers and doctors are also eligible for 10 years residency.

4. Work Permit

Work permit for the UAE is issued by the Ministry of Human Resource and Emiratisation (MoHRE), which allows expats to work in the UAE for a particular period of time. Also, no expat can apply for UAE work permit by himself, instead his visa will be sponsored by his UAE employer. The work permit is only valid for two months from the date of issuance and allows expats to enter within the UAE. Upon employee arrival in the country, his sponsor will complete the formalities of medical test, fingerprints testing, UAE residential visa, labor card, and stamp of work residency permit. It also allow expat to sponsor their families. Although, before applying for work permit, the expats are required to attest the necessary documents.

5. Family Visa

A family visa allow the family members of an expat to stay with them. Employees who are already staying the UAE and earns minimum salary of Dh 4,000, or Dh 3,000 plus accommodation can sponsor their spouse and children. For sponsoring the parents, minimum required salary is Dh 20,000. Firstly, employee will have to apply for entry permit for allowing them to enter into the country. Afterwards, the visa applicants will go through medical examinations and fingerprint testing. Also, the employee must submit attested marriage certificate, birth certificate, salary certificate, labor card and other requisite documents, for obtaining the family residence visa.

How to Ensure Your Documents Safety During Attestation?

Hiring an attestation agency for the completion of your attestation work in limited time is a practical idea. However, it will definitely raise concerns regarding the safety of your original documents in your mind. Below I have discussed three efficient ways which will help you ensure that your certificates are completely secure.

  1. Select a Credible Agency

As you already know that attestation procedure is carried out on original documents, which means that you will be required to handover your valuable original certificates. Therefore, choosing an agency with a positive market reputation is imperative. Hiring a reputed agent means timely process, reasonable prices, documents’ safety, and careful delivery.

  1. Trusted Courier Service

More than one governmental authority is involved in this govt. rectification procedure and hence your documents will move from one authority to another. Thus, it is requisite that your agent has tied up with a worthy courier company rendering timely and secure services. Not only will it ensure that your certificates are packaged and handled cautiously but will also assure that your documents reach your doorstep carefully.

  1. Maintain a Regular Follow-up

Remember, as a customer your work is not limited up to hiring an agency and then paying them at the end. You must be aware of the status and whereabouts of your documents. Although, all the agencies keep their customers updated regarding the status of their documents, but, you still must maintain a regular communication with your agent.

Finding an attestation service in Mumbai, Bangalore, Chandigarh, or any other city of India is not a difficult task, however, finding a well-grounded company can be a little difficult. Nevertheless, if you receive your documents in good condition and within time, then the effort is worth it. Also, keep these factors in mind while selecting an agency and then throughout the procedure.


Why Certificate Attestation Is Indispensable for Saudi Visa?

The ever-increasing population shift has made document authentication obligatory nowadays. Working or studying abroad has become more than a trend these days. The attractive career opportunities comprised of lucrative salary packages has played a major role in forcing expats to visit and stay overseas. As compared to all other Gulf countries, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has managed to attract a large population of expats. Despite being one of the most traditional society worldwide, Saudi has acclimatized to modern societies. Due to the constant expanding demand of visa for Saudi Arabia from India, many attestation agencies have set up in India.

If you are thinking about contemplating your move to Saudi for employment, education, or business purpose, then prepare yourself for going through the complex attestation procedure. Certificate attestation is a chain authentication procedure, in which a document is rectified thoroughly by the concerned governmental authorities of the respective country. Attestation not only validates the authenticity of a certificate abroad but also helps in acquiring a visa. Whether you are thinking about applying for Saudi business visa or Saudi visit visa from India, attestation is required. The only way through which Saudi authorities will make sure that your certificates are authentic is through attestation.

The growing demand of certificate attestation has made this service easily available in India. There are many professionals offering this service in India. You can avail the certificate attestation service including MEA attestation in Delhi and other major cities of India.

How Hiring An Attestation Agent Can Be Beneficial?

Scrutinization of personal and educational certificates from the concerned governmental authorities for further using overseas is known as document attestation. All types of certificates are liable to undergo this procedure so that foreign authorities can deem these documents as legal and valid. However, the type of attestation and attestation procedure varies from country to country which can create confusion among people regarding which authority to visit, for e.g., document attestation for Nigeria and HRD attestation for Saudi calls for different attestation process. For avoiding any mistakes or delays in future, hiring an attestation agent is required.

Hiring a professional means allowing the agent to accomplish the entire process in exchange of the necessary fees. All you have to do from your end is to check the reliability and efficiency of the company prior to handing them your certificates. The expertise and specialization of these agencies prevents unwanted delays and errors in your documentation work. By putting your attestation requirements in the hands of the professionals, you can rest assure of the outcome. This can also increase your chances of acquiring a Dubai family visa or any other visa easily.
The attestation process involves authentication from the Home Department/ Human Resource Development/ Chamber of Commerce, followed by MEA certificate attestation and Embassy attestation. So, save yourself a lot of time and money by handing over your stress to these agencies. Avail certificate attestation including UAE attestation services in Delhi and other cities of India.

Degree attestation- Crucial step for work visa processing

Studying or working abroad is something that every young professional desires. The modern infrastructure, technological advancements, and flourishing job with lucrative salary package attracts people to shift to another country. Now if you too are dreaming the same, then first you will have to prepare your documents for use in a foreign country. Degree certificate attestation is imperative for every international traveller.

A degree certificate is awarded to a student by an educational institution after the completion of a specific course of study in higher education. Students travelling abroad for post-graduation or for employment purpose need to attest their degree certificates by concerned authorities. After attestation, the documents are submitted further to the competent agencies of the visiting country. For example, if you are planning to visit UAE, then you will have to attest your degree certificates for UAE.

Degree attestation is a procedure in which educational degree certificates are witnessed by an authorized official of government and later validated with a seal and stamp for further use. During the attestation procedure, the degree certificates are analyzed rigorously, so that they can be used overseas without any complication. The Human Resource Development (HRD) is the designated authority in India which inspects the educational documents at State level. Later they are proceeded for Ministry of External Affairs attestation.

The need of degree attestation comes into existence when people travel to a foreign country for employment, education and other purposes. Attestation is obligatory to provide value to documents abroad. Degree attestation is compulsory for getting a work visa. The foreign institute will not acknowledge any unattested document due to lack of authenticity. Attestation ensures that the furnished documents are valid and not duplicate.